Glass Studio Seiten, Okinawa Glass, Cone Glass, Beer Glass

Glass Studio Seiten

Glass Studio Seiten

“Glass Studio Seiten” is a studio of Ryukyu glass. They have a glass studio in Yomitan village where is at central Okinawa island.
Okinawa Glass Studio Seiten pursued producing daily tableware. Kiyoharu Matsuda, representative of Seiten said, “I would like to produce glassware which are used in daily life every day.” Their recycled glassware has some thickness and warm color. Natural Okinawa glass suits our daily life comfortably.

Colorful cone glasses and small beer glasses

[Glass Studio Seiten] Cone glass, Small beer glass

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Cute and Nostalgic Okinawa Glass like Marbles

“Glass Studio Seiten” pursues producing glassware which is used in daily life. Okinawa glass made of recycled glass has nostalgic color somehow. Cute thickness attracts us.

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Gentle color Okinawa glass has nostalgic atmosphere

Okinawa glass or Ryukyu glass was born about 70 years ago. After WWⅡ, people started to recycle glass due to shortage of goods. Now, less and less glass studios produce Okinawa glass with recycled glass. However, Glass Studio Seiten uses waste bins like awamori still.

Glassware of Glass Studio Seiten has gentle colors that is the feature of recycled glass. A little bit greenish clear, candy-like brown, deep blue… Soft color glassware arrived with some nostalgic atmosphere.

Sliced lemon on water in glasses from Glass Studio Seiten

Chubby glass like marbles

Okinawan Glassware of Glass Studio Seiten has charming chubby thickness. Bottom with solid thickness and rim with gentle texture. Unique texture of recycled glass suits our hands well.
Glassware like marbles reflects flickering light!

Glassware of Glass Studio Seiten has cute thickness like marbles

2 types of glassware from Glass Studio Seiten

  1. For daily glass!
    Cone glass (S)

    Corn flakes on Cone glass of Glass Studio Seiten

    Cone glass is useful glass for water, soy milk or anything.
    This Okinawa glass is best size as rocks glass. You can enjoy stylish breakfast like granola, yoghurt, or ice cream in Cone glass.

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  2. Works for guests or daily beer
    Small beer glass

    5 colors small beer glasses of Glass Studio Seiten

    Uneven surface is like melting ice. Refreshing small beer glass is good for a little amount of beer or Japanese sake.
    You can also use this Okinawa glass for fruits jelly or vegetable sticks. Some colorful glasses brighten up your dinner table. In addition to use for home party, it looks good for vase.

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A glass with unique bubbles and uneven form

  • Ryukyu glass or Okinawa glass is characterized by unique features of handblown glass.
    Each glass has different thickness, bubbles or slight incline of rim. Please enjoy unique character of one-of-a-kind glass.

    Bubbles in Cone glass of Glass Studio Seiten

Okinawa glass is good gift or souvenirs

Stylish Ryukyu glass would be great gifts or souvenirs for your important people. How about sending glassware of Glass Studio Seiten as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday presents?
Handblown glassware will tell your thoughts of “Thank you” or “Congratulations.” Also, please choose Okinawa glass as a souvenir of Okinawa trip.

A woman has Brown and Blue Cone glasses

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Have a little nostalgic time with glassware from Seiten

Stylish and a little nostalgic.
Okinawa glass from Glass Studio Seiten have such an atmosphere.
Gentle form glassware provides us calm feeling whenever we use it. We believe Okinawa glass will be indispensable for your life.
Please have a wonderful time with flickering light.

Lineups of glassware from Glass Studio Seiten

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For your long use at ease

  • This product is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, we can see individualities in size, colors, shapes or bubbles even in the products of same series. Please enjoy unique features of one-of-a-kind handblown glass.