Sunset in Zanpa Glass from Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze

Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze

Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze -Sea Breeze-

“Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze” is a glass studio in Yomitan village which is located in central Okinawa island.
The studio gives a sweeping view of the East China Sea. In that spectacular locational studio, beautiful glasses portraying Okinawan scenery are produced. Craftsmen who are certified by Okinawa prefecture or contest winners gather in this studio. “Umikaze (sea breeze)” is a glass studio loves Ryukyu glass dearly.

Sunset in Zanpa Glass from Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze

[Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze] Sunset in Zanpa Glass

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Ryukyu Glass of Sunset Sea

The sky is blazing red of sunset, and blue sea spreads anywhere. “Sunset in Zanpa Glass” is a fantastic glass that portrays magnificent scenery of Okinawa. Please enjoy this Ryukyu glass with beer, shochu, or awamori. Beautiful glass is recommended for gifts as well.

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Hand blown glass with brilliant colors and bubbles

All glassware in Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze are handmade by glass craftsmen.
Superb color gradients cannot be expressed by mass-produced products. Bubbles at the bottom or side of glass look like rising bubbles in water. We never get bored with seeing this glass. A beautiful glass like Okinawan scenery arrived from Okinawa.

2 Sunset in Zanpa glasses from Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze

Glassware lineups of Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze

  1. Pouring drink to complete scenery!
    Sunset in Zanpa Glass

    “Sunset in Zanpa Glass” has impressively bright red and emerald green color. an Okinawa-certified craftsman Shogo Matsuda designed this glass. Some may have seen this glass at TV program.

    At the North edge of Yomitan village where Umikaze locates, there is a popular dive site “Zanpa beach.”
    In Okinawan tradition, there is an island of god called “Nirai Kanai” over the sea. Mr. Matsuda was raised with sunset of Zanpa. Directing his thought to Nirai Kanai, he produced “Sunset in Zanpa Glass.”

    Sunset in Zanpa Glass with directing thought to Nirai Kanai

    This Ryukyu glass was born with forming plan for several months and numerous tries and errors. Finally, the glass bottles up wonderful view of Okinawa. Just like changing sea while sun set, the glass changes by drink.

    Please spend calm time with beautiful Ryukyu glass like seeing sky and sea.

    Beautiful sunset by beer!

    If you would like to see view of sunset with “Sunset in Zanpa Glass,” we recommend beer!
    When gold beer is poured, the glass shows beautiful sunset.

    Sunset in Zanpa glass with beer

    Sparkling emerald green color by awamori or shochu

    If you would like to see the color of Okinawan sea, we recommend clear color drink like awamori or shochu!
    Unique texture and bubbles of handblown glass make emerald green color stand out.

    In fact, there is an awamori called “Zanpa.” How about tasting it with this Ryukyu glass?

    Unique color and beautiful bubbles of Sunset glass

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A glass with unique bubbles

  • Ryukyu glass is characterized by unique features of handblown glass.
    Each glass has different bubbles or colors. Please enjoy unique character of one-of-a-kind glass.

Unique bubbles and colors are attracting points of Sunset glass

Ryukyu glass is good gift or souvenirs

Stylish Ryukyu glass would be great gifts or souvenirs for your important people. How about sending glassware of Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or presents for sake lovers?
Brilliant glass will tell your thoughts of “Thank you” or “Congratulations.” Also, please choose Ryukyu glass as a souvenir of Okinawa trip.

A pair of Sunset in Zanpa glasses

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Cheers for beautiful scenery of Okinawa

Glassware from Ryukyu Glass Works Umikaze provides you happy sake time.
A glass of beer or sake with Okinawan scenery will ease your mind every day.
A big glass works as rocks glass or beer glass.
We recommend beautiful Ryukyu glass for the end of a day.

Wonderful sake time with Sunset in Zanpa glass

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For your long use at ease

  • This product is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, we can see individualities in size, colors, shapes or bubbles even in the products of same series. Please enjoy unique features of one-of-a-kind handblown glass.