Tin wedding anniversary gifts, 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Japanese masterpiece as tin anniversary gifts

Tin anniversary gifts for tin wedding anniversary

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4th and 10th wedding anniversary gifts

4th wedding anniversary is “Flower anniversary” and 10th wedding anniversary is “Tin anniversary.” For your important wedding anniversary, we introduce great wedding anniversary gifts.

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Send Japanese masterpiece on tin wedding anniversary and flower wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary is the day to appreciate the bond with dearest partner and wish for more happiness of two. Japan Design Store have received a lot of wedding gifts or wedding favors since we established our shop. It is our honor to help our customers’ happy moment.

Recently, we get more and more orders of tin anniversary gifts for the 10th wedding anniversary “Tin anniversary.”
Also, some customers order tin flower item on 4th wedding anniversary “Flower anniversary”. They choose never-die flower to welcome 10th tin wedding anniversary together.

In some cases, husband send tin anniversary gifts for wife. Some couples choose 10th anniversary gift for their own.
In addition, some people send tin wedding anniversary gifts for their friends.

Therefore, we would like to introduce stylish tin anniversary gifts for 10th wedding anniversary or 4th wedding anniversary. Our shop sells authentic Japanese traditional crafts or products of local industry. All our items pass strict 4 standards; ““Made in Japan, High quality, Good design, Rare.”
How about sending never-die and shining forever tin items for important anniversary of you two?

What are the names of wedding anniversary?

“I have heard of Silver wedding anniversary or Gold wedding anniversary, but what is Tin wedding anniversary?” Some may think so. So, we introduce wedding anniversaries for each year.

In fact, I did not know Tin anniversary and Flower anniversary before our customer sent tin anniversary gifts or flower anniversary gifts. According to my research, there are 75 names for wedding anniversaries! (Some says more than 75 anniversaries.)

For example, one gets married when he or she is 25, he or she celebrate their Platina wedding anniversary when he or she is 100. (Well, I, am a buyer give up Platina wedding anniversary now.)

From 1st to 20th anniversary, familiar items or simple materials are the symbols of wedding anniversary. From 25th anniversary, the symbol becomes hard and shining gemstones such as silver, pearl, coral, or ruby. It is interesting.

As the time passes after getting married, bond of two become stronger. The bond is likened to hard and rare materials.

  • 1st wedding anniversary: Paper anniversary
  • 2nd wedding anniversary: Cotton anniversary
  • 3rd wedding anniversary: Leather anniversary
  • 4th wedding anniversary: Flower anniversary
  • 5th wedding anniversary: Wood anniversary
  • 6th wedding anniversary: Iron anniversary
  • 7th wedding anniversary: Copper anniversary
  • 8th wedding anniversary: Rubber, Bronze, Electric appliance anniversary
  • 9th wedding anniversary: Pottery anniversary
  • 10th wedding anniversary: Tin anniversary
  • 11th wedding anniversary: Steel anniversary
  • 12th wedding anniversary: Silk, Fine linen anniversary
  • 13th wedding anniversary: Lace anniversary
  • 14th wedding anniversary: Ivory anniversary
  • 15th wedding anniversary: Crystal anniversary
  • 20th wedding anniversary: Porcelain anniversary
  • 25th wedding anniversary: Silver anniversary
  • 30th wedding anniversary: Pearl anniversary
  • 35th wedding anniversary: Coral anniversary
  • 40th wedding anniversary: Ruby anniversary
  • 45th wedding anniversary: Sapphire anniversary
  • 50th wedding anniversary: Gold anniversary
  • 55th wedding anniversary: Emerald anniversary
  • 60th wedding anniversary: Diamond anniversary
  • 75th wedding anniversary: Platina anniversary

What is Tin wedding anniversary?

Tin anniversary is the 10th wedding anniversary. We wish beautiful and flexible relationship or bond of married couple just like tin. Tin is third expensive metal after gold and silver. In Japan, people have used tin as a sacred material for Shinto rituals.

To celebrate 10-year wedding anniversary, tin tableware or tin home decor are popular anniversary gifts. Tin beer cup or sake cup can remove miscellaneous taste of drink and makes it mellow. In addition, it keeps the temperature of drink. So, we send tin beer cup or sake cup wishing never-changing relationship of married couple.

Reasons why we recommend tin beer cup or sake cup

It is said that sake or water in tin beer cup or sake cup is mellow and delicious. In fact, it is said tin cup can make water or sake delicious.
Tin has big metal molecule. That big molecule removes impurities of drink and absorbs miscellaneous taste. Also, tin dissolves the fusel oil of dry sake or wine. Fusel oil is a volatile component which is generated during the brewing of alcohol. By dissolving the oil, tin can make dry sake or wine mellower.

In addition, tin has high thermal conductivity. So, the temperature of drink is conducted to cup soon. If you would like to enjoy cold beer or Japanese sake, refrigerate tin cups for 1~2 minutes before using. Tin cups can keep cold of drink longer. Furthermore, lukewarm sake tells its temperature to the tin cup, and it agrees with our skin well.

Let’s celebrate 10th wedding anniversary and take a time together in hot summer or cold winter.

Tin sake cup Kuzushi from Nousaku

Tin anniversary gifts for 10th wedding anniversary

We introduce popular tin tableware and unique tin products for the tin wedding anniversary gifts. All items are from studios in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture where is famous for tin casting.
Stylish and modern tin items will be together with past, now, and future of two.

  1. [Nousaku] [Paulownia box] Pair beer cup L

    As tin anniversary gifts, we recommend pair tin beer cups. Beer cup from Nousaku has got great popularity that it can make fine froth and keep the cold of beer.
    This pair set is within beautiful paulownia box. Elegant tin beer cups would be great 10th wedding anniversary gifts.

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  2. [Nousaku] Pair Kuzushi-Tare / Sake cup / Gold & Silver

    If you and your partner like Japanese sake, how about tin sake cups as tin anniversary gifts?
    Tin sake cup “Kuzushi” series do not have flat bottom. Tin cups always swing. You can enjoy superb swing and reflecting light of sake.
    This gold and silver pair is auspicious.

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  3. [syouryu] [Exclusive box] Suzugami x3 / 18cm (x1) + 13cm (x2)

    Tin plate “suzugami” has been popular item in Japan. Simple and unique tin plate celebrates your 10th wedding anniversary. This set includes 3 plates, 18cm × 1 + 13cm × 2. Suzugami is made of 100% pure tin. So, you can bend a plate!

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  4. [Nousaku] KAGO Bellflower S

    Unique and flexible tableware is suitable tin anniversary gift. KAGO from Nousaku can become a fruits basket, book stand, or everything! You can bend and stretch 100% tin tableware. Enjoy using it in your own way.

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  5. [Nousaku] 2 Tin Flower trays / Japanese plum & Japanese cherry

    To celebrate Tin wedding anniversary or Flower wedding anniversary, tin flower trays are best. Flower tray from Nousaku is cute and stylish tray. It is a palm size plate with 10cm in diameter.
    Since its useful size, you can use flower trays on the dinner table, in living room, or bed room. When you have guests, tin flowers entertain your important guests.

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Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

Image of personalized gifts
Image of personalized gifts