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Stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo

Rustic stoneware dinnerware Modern plates and bowls from SyuRo

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[SyuRo]Stoneware (Plates and bowls)

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Special dinnerware that makes time sweet

It is new but has atmosphere like a secondhand article.
Stoneware dinnerware from SyuRo is a tableware that seems to have long history.

We guess a few people have heard of stoneware.
In fact, you can feel the change of the tableware over the years.
From the day you receive the stoneware dinnerware, please start to use and raise it.

Stoneware dinner plates and bowls of SyuRo on the table

Stoneware dinnerware from SyuRo looks plain but has warm color.
Your dinner table will have calm atmosphere with the stoneware plates.
Stoneware plates and bowls of SyuRo makes dishes stand out. They become new regular tableware of you.

Feel like putting dishes on stone or iron

Masuko Unayama designed stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo. She is a product designer as well as an interior space designer.

“I would like to put dishes on stone or iron directly.”
I am thinking of making a daily-use tableware with that component.

From SyuRo

Then, Unayama met clay in Mie. The clay for stoneware dinnerware is originally used for teapot or tea utensils. She dared to use the clay for tableware. That is the time when stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo was born. It is different from pottery or porcelain. Stoneware plates and bowls are like stone or iron.
Beautiful texture of stoneware tableware makes dishes look more brilliant and delicious.

Look down stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo

What is stoneware?

  • Some people may meet the stoneware for the first time with the stoneware dinnerware from SyuRo. Stoneware is a very hard tableware. When you flick the ware, it makes hard and high sound.

    Stoneware is different ceramics from pottery or porcelain. It is baked at high temperature on 1200℃~1300℃ (2192℉~2372℉). Stoneware has middle nature between pottery and porcelain. It does not penetrate light, not porous. Its tasty color has been loved by experts in the tea ceremony.

Enjoy table setting! Stoneware plates and bowls from SyuRo

Stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo is designed for users. Plates and bowls suit every meal and every situation. Stoneware series of SyuRo has 4 sizes of plates and 4 sizes of bowls.

  1. SyuRo Stoneware plate

    4 types of stoneware plates of SyuRo

    Stacked stoneware plates are also beautiful. SyuRo offers 4 sizes, L / M / S / SS.
    Stoneware plate L is good for big salad or main dish. Also, rustic stoneware dinnerware can be beautiful home decor. Black L plate would be great with flowers.

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    Stoneware plate M is a useful rim plate. Blank space makes dish look more beautiful. It is great with pasta or lunch in one plate. Since the stoneware dinnerware has high base, you can easily take a plate from a pile of plates. Using 2 different sizes of plates can make stylish table setting.

    A woman has stoneware plate M of SyuRo

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    Stoneware plate S and SS are useful plates as individual plates, sauce plates, or cake plates. To make it not bulky and like an artwork, stoneware small plates have very simple design. It is good for accessory tray as well. Stoneware dinnerware makes jewelries stand out in addition to dishes.

    Plants on the stoneware plate S
    Stoneware plate S

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    Various high stands of stoneware plate of SyuRo

    Stoneware dinner plates of SyuRo are designed for each purpose for each size. We can see the pursuit in detail from the bottoms of plates. Depends on sizes, each plate has different high stands in shape and size.

    Bottoms of stoneware dinner plates of 4 sizes
  2. SyuRo Stoneware bowl

    4 sizes of stoneware bowls of SyuRo and a woman has SM size

    Stoneware bowls from SyuRo can be stacked one nesting the other. SyuRo offers 4 sizes, L / M / S / SM. Since the bowls can be stacked neatly in the cupboard, the bowls would be great gifts as well.

    Stoneware bowl L is good for salad, stewed food, soup or café au lait. If you eat cereals with the stoneware dinnerware, busy morning becomes a little bit elegant.

    Stoneware bowl L of SyuRo

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    Stoneware bowl S and M are useful bowls for small dishes or snacks. Also, S and M bowls can be bowls for sauce. In addition, you can put ladle when you cook.

    Stoneware bowl S of SyuRo
    Stoneware bowl S

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    Stoneware bowl SM size is a tall bowl. Pleased use it as a teacup, soba choko, or soup cup. Gray color bowl makes fine froth of beer. So, you can use bowls as a beer cup, too.

    Stoneware bowls of SM size

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3 colors of stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo

“I realized that stoneware changes over the years only after I made it.”
Masuko Unayama told. At the beginning, fingerprints stand out on black stoneware dinnerware. After about 1 month, black stoneware dinnerware become more aesthetic.

Stoneware dinnerware from SyuRo has 3 colors, white, black, and gray. Whether you use same colors or different colors dinnerware, you can always make stylish table setting.
Let us introduce each character.

White, gray, and black stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo
  1. Stoneware dinnerware [White]

    White stoneware dinnerware is coated with white glaze on red clay. So, it has grayish color. The glaze is meant to be coated unevenly so that white color has slight gradation in a plate. White stoneware has mat texture and warm gentle white color.

    Image of white color of stoneware plate
  2. Stoneware dinnerware [Black]

    Black stoneware tableware is coated with manganic black glaze. If you care about color irregularities, we cannot recommend black stoneware. However, if you like atmosphere of rusty iron or crystalline glaze, you will like black one. When the surface become harmonized, you will love black stoneware dinnerware more.

    Image of black color of stoneware plate
  3. Stoneware dinnerware [Gray]

    If you would like to feel the texture of stoneware, we recommend gray dinnerware. Gray stoneware is not glazed. It is just baked at high temperature. It has more silver sheen than gray. Each dinnerware has different colors. Some has more brownish color. Since it is not glazed, it is rough texture. Gray stoneware tableware is easy to get stains, but you can remove it with scrub brush.

    Image of gray color of stoneware plate

Stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo is very useful!

Stoneware from SyuRo is not only stylish tableware, but also a useful dinnerware. There are 2 great points.

  1. Strong against smell or stain

    Stoneware is baked at high temperature. So, stoneware does not have absorbency. Since it is hard to absorb water, stoneware of SyuRo is hard to get smell of dishes and easy to remove stains. Stoneware dinnerware is easy to care.

  2. Oven, microwave, dishwasher SAFE

    You can use stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo in oven or microwave oven. It is a happy point for cooking lovers. In addition, you can use stoneware in dishwasher or dish dryer. Furthermore, you can put stoneware in freezer (at a temperature of -20℃ or -4℉). However, rapid changes in temperature would be the cause of breakage.

    Stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo is a masterpiece for daily use. Useful stylish tableware would be great gifts as well. How about sending beautiful stoneware dinnerware for cooking lovers?

    Dry flowers on stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo

YOU will like stoneware of SyuRo

We make a list of whom we would like to recommend stoneware for. If one or more lists fit you, let’s use stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo! How many numbers you agree with?

List of whom we would like to recommend stoneware for

  • □  Become restless when hear a word “vintage”
  • □  Look secondhand store at the destination of trip
  • □  Attracted to wooden table made of one solid natural wood
  • □  Would like to surrounded with long-usable handicraft
  • □  Like monotone color home decor or tableware
  • □  Like natural materials such as linen or cotton
  • □  Like ceramics made by potters
  • □  Like cooking desserts or dishes
  • □  Like delicious meals and stylish café lunch
  • □  Loves miscellaneous goods of SyuRo
Put stoneware dinnerware as home decor

What is SyuRo?

SyuRo is a design office in Torigoe of Taito ward in Tokyo since 1999. Masuko Unayama leads the company. They design products such as daily necessities or direct space design such as hotels or shops.

SyuRo offers us tools in life with kindness or spirit. Their products are not cool and affected, but stylish and warm. Filtered by SyuRo, Japanese traditional crafts, skills of craftsmen or products from sheltered workshop become new products with Japanese aesthetic sense.

Those who like to live life carefully like SyuRo. SyuRo exhibited their products at exhibitions in Paris or Milan. The products of SyuRo is sold in overseas, too. From a town of mixed culture, art and tradition, SyuRo proposes comfortable life to in and out of Japan.

With English description for gifts to overseas friends

We recommend stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo as gifts to overseas friends or families. All stoneware plates and bowls of SyuRo are with English description. So, it is a good present for your friend or host family in other countries.

Japan Design Store ships to all around the world. Our gift staff pack your items carefully. Please leave overseas gifts to us.

Send stoneware tableware of SyuRo as gifts

If you would like to send stoneware tableware of SyuRo as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. Stoneware plates and bowls would be great gifts for yourself and tell “Thank you” or “Congratulations!” for your important people.

How about making a set with stoneware plates and bowls for wedding gifts, birthday gifts or housewarming gifts? Stylish stoneware suits any kind of rooms.

Stoneware bowl of SyuRo and its exclusive box with easy wrapping
Image of easy wrapping

Japan Design Store offers various stylish gift wrappings for your important gifts. Easy wrapping has elegant Japanese paper and Mizuhiki elastic ribbon. Also, you can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping.You can make a message card.
Please use our Japanese gift wrapping.

Examples of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

  • ・Stoneware dinnerware of SyuRo is handmade one by one by craftsmen. Color irregularities, blurs, different shades of colors or pinholes appeared when tableware is glazed or baked. Please enjoy only one appearance of handmade product.
  • A pinhole on white stoneware plate of SyuRo
  • ・Gray stoneware is not glazed and baked at high temperature. Therefore, it has rough texture. Also, each gray stoneware has different colors. Some are brownish. Please enjoy texture of material.
    Different shades of colors of gray stoneware plates

Caring tips

  • *The ware can be used in microwave ovens at temperature of up to 260℃ or 500℉ and dish washers (dryers)
  • *The ware can be stored in the refrigerator and freezer at a temperature of -20℃ or -4℉.
  • *We advise caution over sudden changes in temperature, which may damage the ware, even within the temperature range.
  • *The ware should not be exposed to direct heat from the stove top

How to care

  • *Wash with neutral detergent. Using an abrasive scrubbing brush, metal scrub brush and cleanser may damage the ware.
  • *Stop using if any cracks or chips develop.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.