Colorful dinnerware, plate, bowl, Mino yaki, SAKUZAN

Colorful plates of DAYS series from SAKUZAN

Table color coordination with colorful plates and bowls of SAKUZAN

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Enjoy table color coordination every day

“What color do I use for breakfast today?”
Happy time of a day starts at this moment.
Sara plate and bowls of DAYS series from SAKUZAN color your life gently.
Sometimes in chic way, sometimes in colorful way.
You can select the best color according to your mood or scenes.

This page, let us introduce Sara plates and bowls of DAYS series from SAKUZAN. This colorful dinnerware works daily dinner to special plate for guests.
Colorful plates and bowls of DAYS series are safe with dishwasher and microwave oven. Usable tableware is a suitable item for gifts as well.

Plate M of DAYS series. A woman has pink plate

Happy table color coordination! 8 colors of DAYS Sara plates and bowls

You will fall in love with this rich variety of colors.
Sara plates and bowls of DAYS series have 8 colors; “pink, cream, yellow, turquoise, gray, brown, and black.”

When you would like to make colorful table coordination, let’s coordinate with “pink, cream, yellow, turquoise, and gray.”
When you would like to make chic and monotone mood, let’s coordinate with “navy, cream, gray, brown, and black.”
You can make balanced color coordination with whatever you choose from the colors of DAYS series.

Colorful dinnerware of DAYS series makes your table coordination happier. You can choose the best color for the dishes every time. Also, when you have home party, all members can select their own favorite colors. The dinner table will become colorful and happy!

8 colors of plates of DAYS series

Sara plates and bowls of DAYS series have both usability and beauty

Stylish colorful dinnerware of SAKUZAN is a rim plate. Rim is the band of upper edge of plates. Depends on plate sizes, the length or rim is different. This rim is a blank space that makes the dish look beautiful.

8 colors of plates are on the table

The inside of rim is carved gently. This depth can keep juicy food safely. In addition to this, the depth and rim keep you away from touching dishes. We can see detailed pursuit of SAKUZAN design from this simple, but usable plate.

Smooth and mat texture is very comfortable! The gentle gloss of Sara plate and bowls can make the dishes look more beautiful and delicious.
Simple and beautiful SAKUZAN plates fit various types of cuisine. Of course, you can coordinate the colorful dinnerware with the tableware you already have. Simple plates are easy to coordinate.

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