Hello. It is getting colder and colder.

Clear blue sky makes us feel colder.


For a cold day, we would like to stay warm with "Atsukan"!

Atsukan means hot Japanese sake.


Prepare hot sake with warming hands over the hot steam from pot.

With hot Oden, drink hot sake. Our body become hot soon!

Cold is one of a spice for this happiest moment.


So, today, we would like to introduce suitable sake sets for atsukan.

Also, we recommend some marriage food for them.




For a cold day, Shuki daruma

Have you ever seen such a cute sake set?

These are Shuki daruma from ceramic japan.

It is a set with 1 sake bottle (tokkuri) and 2 sake cups.

A set becomes a snowman!


With this cute sake set, you can enjoy sake more than usual.

Of course, you can warm sake with Shuki daruma within boiled water in a pot.


When you drink hot sake with Shuki daruma, we recommend this food.


It is Hokke (Japan Sea greenling)!

Hokke is popular fish in Japan especially when we drink sake.

Look! I made snowmen with grated daikon.


For a big fish like Hokke, Oval plate L from DAYS series of SAKUZAN fits well!

According to a survey, the ranking of food for atsukan, Hokke is the 5th!

No. 1 food for atsukan is sashimi.


Make sake more delicious with Chiriori

"Chirori" is name of a metal tableware to warm sake. All Chirori has handle and spout.

Chirori of Nousaku is made of 100% pure tin.

Tin can make sake mellow. So, you can enjoy more delicious sake heated by Chirori of Nousaku .


Chirori becomes hot by heating. However, handle of sake bottle is covered with thin strip of bamboo.

You can enjoy using Chirori at ease.



When you drink hot sake with Chirori, we recommend this food.

This is Tako wasabi (octopus seasoned with wasabi.)

It is 6th rank in the survey.

For Tako wasabi, I use Suzugami from syouryu.


Suzugami is also made of 100% pure tin. You can make a favorite plate by bending it.


With Chirori and suzugami, you can make a chic table setting.



If you like hot pot for hot sake, we recommend this.

These are petite donabe from Nagatani-en.

Petite donabe is cute palm-size clay pot.

You can use this donabe over open flame, in microwave and oven.

So, cooking with the pot, and serve it directly to the dinner table.



Now, can you get some ideas of hot sake?

Japanese people love it in winter.

Please survive cold season with atsukan!