It has been so cold these days.

Last night,  it snowed in Okazaki city!

It only piled 1~2cm, but it's serious problem for Okazaki!

We seldom have snow through a year.

So, the traffic jam was heavy in this morning.



This snow makes my dream come true!

That is..


Collaboration of Snowman and Shuki daruma!

Shuki daruma from ceramic japan is a cute sake set, shape of snowman.

I have wanted to take a picture of real snowman and Shuki daruma since I saw Shuki daruma at the first time.

Actually, I have been thinking of this collaboration since last night.

Now, my dream comes true!

Here are the pictures!!


It is just a coincidence, but one of our staff made snowmen as same size as Shuki daruma!

In the picture, the left one is "Glossy", the next one is "Bisque."


Above our sign board, there are snowmen and Shuki daruma.

How cute!  This is what I have longed for!


Viewing the snowmen, and drinking hot sake with Shuki daruma...

We can do it now!




We have some more items of snow motifs.

Please see this post.

Snow motif items in cold season♪


The oval plate "DAYS series" of SAKUZAN will be end of sales. The stocks we have now is the last.

Now, all items are at discounted price. Please get them now!

There is a happiness of each season.

For a cold season, enjoy cold with cute items!