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Japanese hand fan Dai-furyo for refined men

Stylish summer with Japanese hand fan Dai-furyo

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Especially for refined men! Large Japanese hand fan

Beautiful gloss of bamboo. Silver brand logo shines. Japanese modern check pattern on large cover.

This is “Dai-furyo” fan from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten. Nishikawa Shouroku shouten was established in 1585 in Omi Hachiman city of Shiga prefecture.
Japanese hand fan Dai-Furyo is set with useful fan case within exclusive paulownia box.

Simple and stylish Japanese hand fan would be great gifts especially for refined men.

Navy and matcha Dai-furyo fan are opened

8 sun! Big size and refined presence

“Dai-furyo” means big wind power. As the name explains, this Japanese hand fan has big solid ribs. The height of this fan is 8 sun (about 24cm). It is 1.5cm bigger than “Japangarde” fan. Therefore, for the big hand of men, this Japanese hand fan suits well.

Nevertheless, Dai-furyo fan looks smart when it is closed. This Japanese hand fan is modern design, but has traditional smart beauty.
A silver brand logo shines on the top of guard. It gives more elegant atmosphere to the Japanese fan.

Silver plate of brand logo on the guard
* Design of the logo plate may change without notice.

When you close the Dai-furyo fan, you can see gold color at the top of cover. This is a secret cool point. When you open the Japanese hand fan, you may not realize that there is a narrow golden line at the top of cover. But when you close the hand fan, the golden line is piled up and makes beautiful gold color. You can see Japanese sense of beauty here.

Also, please look at rivet. The parts pf rivet is casually stylish. It reminds us the metal parts of Japanese traditional shrine. You can put a key chain or strap to customize it.

Simple check design is loved by every people. Japanese hand fan is a traditional tool. However, young men would be more stylish with this Dai-furyo fan.

Chic design of the rivet of Japanese hand fan

The secret to make big wind

Please look at the cover of this Japanese hand fan. Dai-furyo fan has strong paper cover. This strong paper catches the wind. Since the cover is wider than usual Japanese fans, Dai-furyo fan can bring big wind by a soft fanning.

The ribs are made of supple bamboo. Elegant and strong bamboo ribs have enough durability. Please use this Japanese hand fan manly!

The Japanese hand fan Dai-furyo is carefully made with strong high-quality materials. Therefore, an elegant fan can make big wind.

Navy and matcha Dai-furyo fans

Japanese hand fan for refined men

Dai-furyo fan has 2 colors, navy and matcha. Simple design fits various clothes. You can bring this stylish Japanese fan everywhere.

For example, when you go to a concert, see a soccer game, or any other crowded places, folding fans are very useful. Just a soft fanning cools you.

In addition, simple and stylish Japanese hand fan can make you more stylish. For kimono, yukata, or casual clothes, a Japanese fan gives you freshness and coolness.

Stylish Japanese hand fan “Dai-furyo” would be great gifts for refined men. Of course, it is a great reward for yourself, too.
For your father, husband, brothers, or boss, Dai-furyo fan is a strongly recommended gift item.

Also, Japanese hand fans have been popular souvenirs from Japan. It is compact, cool and has Japanese beauty. How about sending a folding fan for your dearest person?

Half-opened matcha fan on its exclusive paulownia box

Elegant and cute “Fuwari fan” as the gift for women

Nishikawa Shouroku shouten also offers cute “Fuwari fan.” Fuwari fan is characterized by its rounded form like a shell or flower. Cute and elegant Japanese hand fan is especially recommended for women.

The cover of Fuwari fan is made of Omi Chijimi, a Japanese traditional linen.
This cute Japanese hand fan has 5 gentle colors; “Asa-iro”, “Shiro”, “Ama-iro”, “Natsumushi-iro”, and “Sobakiri”. All the colors have chic and fresh atmosphere. Among 5 colors, the most popular one is “Asa-iro.” The natural beige color suits every woman.

High-class Japanese hand fan of Nishikawa Shouroku shouten provides more elegance to your special day.
How about sending a set of “Dai-furyo” fan and “Fuwari” fan for a couple?

A woman has Fuwari fan from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten

We have more stylish folding hand fans!

Comment form buyer

It is just my opinions, but I (am a buyer of Japan Design Store) like men in kimono or yukata. I think men in Japanese dress looks 1.7 times better than his usual. (I cannot say this in loud…)
Anyway, this time, I would like to introduce this Dai-furyo fan for those cool men.

As the name explains, it can produce big wind. This Japanese hand fan is made of strong paper for cover and supple bamboo for ribs. You can use this fan manly.
Simple and chic color gives stylish atmosphere to you.

This Japanese hand fan has stylish fan case. So, you can bring it for your private time or business scene.

I would like refined men to use this stylish fan. It is filled with Japanese aesthetic sense.

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