Today, we have a very good news!

Our item "Apple kendama" from more Trees Design won the


Top prize at Lohas Design Award 2015!



It is very happy and honorable that a product is recognized by the society and broadly known.

Lohas stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.

Lohas Design Award is awarded to "Lohas" people, product, or events, or idea.

A lifestyle magazine "SOTOKOTO" supervises this award.


The Award celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2015.

This year, the theme is "Social Design 2015 A Future plan."

By the vote at exhibition in Shinjuku Gyoen and Internet vote, "Apple kendama" of more Trees design won the Top prize!


Newton discovered the law of gravitation from a falling apple. This “Apple kendama” is a unique wooden toy quoting this story.

Kendama is a Japanese traditional toy. Using gravity, children and adults play various tricks with kendama. You can feel the gravity of the earth by playing with this apple kendama like Newton!


In addition to the stylish design, the idea and humor of this product got great reputations.


The designer of this Apple kendama is Yasuhiro Suzuki.

Mr. Suzuki is a young artist, as well as a designer.

Now, Apple kendama gets great popularity from kids to adults.

Also, Kendama becomes a popular sports in overseas, too.


Wrap the glossy apple with your hands. You can feel the humor and gravity!

All the products of more Trees design, including this Apple kendama, a part of the purchase will be donated for the more Trees and help their action to save the forest of Japan.

So, it is cute, stylish, and save forests! It is very LOHAS!

How about playing this kendama and feel the graviry?

Also, it has been popular gift for children.


See more details of Apple kendama from here.

Unique wooden toy Apple kendama