Hello, everyone!

The long rain has left off, and it's sunny today!


Well, autumn to winter is a season of gifts, isn't it?

Wedding gift, birthday gifts, and Christmas gifts...


I believe that gift shows that you have good taste!

For a special person, and for a special day, let's send a great gifts and make people say "You have good taste!"


"But, how can I find the great gift item? Any idea?"

Leave it to Japan Design Store!

Today, we would like to introduce our special items.

We have confident on these that they are high-quality and stylish.



1.Everyone will be surprised at Suzugami!

This is Suzugami from syouryu.

Suzugami has been popular item since it was released.

This plate is  made of 100% pure tin. So, you can bend the plate into your favorite form.

Suzugami stimulates the imagination of the users.


2.Cute bird plate TORIZARA

Next item is TORIZARA from Floyd.

This plate has shape of bird!

In fact, the name "TORIZARA" is a word play of Japanese.

Please see the unique story of this here.

Cute bird plates of Mino yaki for cute adults


3.Spend time together with Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock from more trees is especially recommended for wedding gifts and housewarming gifts.

You can seldom find a cuckoo clock made in Japan, made of Japanese wood.

Simple design suits any kinds of rooms.


4.Gold leaf sake set for sake lovers

For sake lovers, how about Kannyu series from Hakuichi?

"Kannyu" means "crazing" that you can see in the glazed ceramics.

Like the crazing, you can see beautiful "Kannyu" in gold leaf.

Since all items are produced one by one by craftsmen, all the crazing is different.

Gorgeous, but not too gaudy sake set provides a luxury time.



Do you find your best one?

All items are very unique and stylish.

We believe that you can make people say "You have good taste!"


In addition to these items, we have more and more items.

Please see our page and find your best gift items!!