We got a lot of orders for wedding favors, wedding gifts, or any other gifts.

It is our honor to be selected as a gift shop among various online shops.

When we wrap up the items, we also wrap the appreciation for the senders and wish for happiness of the recipients.


There are all sorts of jobs in this world. Our job can celebrate the new departure of people with customers.

We are always impressed with the heartwarming thoughts of our customers.

We wish your smiles shine with our items.

Today, we would like to tell a wonderful story about one of our customer.


Perpetual calendar close together with you


The other day, one customer sent "Perpetual calendar" from "more Trees design" as a wedding gift.

The customer sent a wonderful message card with the calendar.


"Congratulation on your wedding!

I am sure that your love lasts perpetually just like this Perpetual calendar.

Wishing you everlasting happiness."



While I was making the message card, I repeat reading this for many times.

What a wonderful message!

"Every human cannot live forever. But I believe that the true love of two will last forever."

The message made me think of "love" for a day long.


Wedding ceremony is a start of daily life.

It is natural that there is a happy day, and a sad day.

Although, the time passes gently.


Compromise each other, spend time together day by day.

Gradually understand each other more deeply.

At some time or other, the two becomes indispensable each other.

I believe that is the marriage.



And for that calm and happy life, the customer chose Perpetual calendar.

I was impressed with the rich sense of the customer.




Every year, some shops or companies distribute calendars. Now, we can see calendar by a schedule book or mobile phone.

However, this perpetual calendar watches the life of just married couple.

You can use the calendar repeatedly. The calendar gets ages with you.


I wish the Perpetual calendar will be one of the treasure of their new life.

Japanese craftsmen make Perpetual calendar one be one carefully so that everyone can enjoy making calendar every month at ease.


See more details of Perpetual calendar from here.

Use wooden perpetual calendar, and save trees


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