Japan Design Store selects items among Japanese traditional crafts or handicrafts.

Especially, an item with "great design suitable for contemporary lifestyle."


Therefore, some products are "the masterpiece designed by the Famous designer."

In fact, some customers choose our items by the designers.

"My friend likes that designer's items. So, she / he will like this item, too."



Today, we would like to introduce a product designed by "that famous designer."


Cuckoo clock of more Trees design is designed by Naoto Fukasawa



more Trees design is a brand produced by a worldwide famous musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Among various products of more Trees Design, one of the most popular item Cuckoo clock is designed by a product designer Naoto Fukasawa!

Since it is released in our store, the Cuckoo clock has been popular as gifts.

For a natural cafe, cute confectionery shop, or wedding gifts for Nordic design lovers.



The design of Cuckoo clock of more Trees design is simplified.

Exclude excessive decorations from the cuckoo clock, and just leave necessaries.

Simple cuckoo clock has great presence. It is the first time to see it, but have the sense of dejavu.


Why is it simple, but so impressive?

Today, I would like to introduce some information of Mr. Naoto Fukasawa.

We can see the secret of the design of cuckoo clock from his ways of thinking.


Who is the designer Naoto Fukasawa?

Naoto Fukasawa is one of the representative Japanese product designers.

He was a chair of judges in Good Design Award in 2010 and 2011.

It needs so much time to introduce his history.

So, here, I would like to introduce some representative works of him.


□Smart phone and mobile phone of au by KDDI: INFOBAR

Infobar series was first released in 2003 as a design mobile phone.

Colorful and cute design got great popularity at that time.


□MUJI: Wall mounted CD player

"Play music just like the wind blows."

Just like an extractor fan, pull down the string, and then music plays.

Simple design suit simple and natural room.

Since its release, it has been long-selling item for 15 years.


□±0: Steam Humidifier

This item stimulated the movement of design in electrical appliances.

The steam humidifier is shaped like water drop or doughnuts.

After the release of this steam humidifier, many electrical appliances with good design has been released.


These are just some examples of Naoto Fukasawa's design.

Is there anything you know?


Design of "Oh, I see"

Design of Naoto Fukasawa is characterized by the design of "Oh, I see!"

When we see the products designed by him, we startle that "I see, I didn't see that coming."

People act on common sense or subjective assumptions.

However, if we focus on daily "actions or opportunities," we can find out many things.


The design concept of Naoto Fukasawa is


"without thought"


Mr. Fukasawa pays attention to the unconscious actions.

Products are designed to suit daily life and actions.

His design is not so eccentric design, but simple and natural.

The simple design comes from careful thought. That's why we can use the products designed by Naoto Fukasawa for a long time.


We can  feel the "without thought" design from the Cuckoo clock of more Trees design.