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Apple kendama of more Trees

Unique wooden toy Apple kendama

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[more trees]Apple kendama

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Experience Newton! Feel the gravity of the earth with Apple kendama

Newton discovered the law of gravitation from a falling apple.
He presumed that certain power was in effect to the moon and planets just like the falling apple.
Most people know this story.

This “Apple kendama” is a unique wooden toy quoting this story. A products brand “more Trees” produced this apple kendama.

Kendama is a Japanese traditional toy. Using gravity, children and adults play various tricks with kendama. Usually, the ball is just a wooden ball. However, this kendama has apple ball! You can feel the gravity of the earth by playing with this apple kendama like Newton!

This apple kendama is simple but unique idea wooden toy.

Apple kendama of more Trees

Kendama is a wooden toy for children? Adults can play, too!

Once you play this apple kendama, you will be absorbed in the fascination. Not only children, but also adults can play kendama.

In fact, kendama has been popular as a sport around the world.
Also, some collectors gather rare kendamas.
The apple kendama can be an art object, too. Unique kendama is suitable item for gifts to children or kendama lovers.

A woman is playing apple kendama

The more you play, the more real the apple will be

Yasuhiro Suzuki designed this unique kendama. Mr. Suzuki designs many art objects.
The apple ball of this wooden toy is carefully designed. The form is very “apple” with bright red color.
The more you play apple kendama, the more real the apple will be. The painting loses its gloss and the ball looks more real apple.

In the description of apple kendama, two difficult tricks are introduced. The name of two tricks are “Toudai (lighthouse)” and “Suberidome Gokui (the supreme level of nonslip.)” Please try these difficult kendama tricks.
With cute wooden toy, you can train your sense of balance.

Apple ball of kendama on a woman’s hand

Japanese lumber from forest-thinning make forest conservation and manufacturing closer

This apple kendama is one of the original products of “more Trees.” More Trees is a Japanese forest conservative organization. More trees produces many products made of the lumber from forest-thinning such as wooden toy.

This apple kendama is made of three different lumbers. The apple ball is Japanese white birch in Hokkaido, the body is yamazakura (a kind of cherry blossom) in Aomori and Iwate prefectures, and the pedestal is Japanese cypress in Gifu prefecture. Craftsmen in Odawara produce the kendama one by one.

You can feel the beautiful and smooth texture of Japanese wood.

Beautiful texture of wood of the body of apple kendama

What is the “more Trees”?

Under the call of “more trees,” more Trees was established in 2007. The forest conservative organization got the supporters of more than 100 people. Worldwide famous musician Ryuichi Sakamoto is the representative of the organization.
67% of Japanese land is covered by forest. Among them, 40 % is the planted forest like Japanese cedar or cypress.
To maintain the beautiful Japanese forest, people need to thin the planted forest.
The more trees evaluate the lumber from forest thinning as a “blessing of wood.” With the concept of “wonder forest,” more Trees design has produced original products for making lifestyle happy.

A part of the purchase of apple kendama will be donated for the more Trees and help their action to save the forest of Japan.
Your purchase can save the forest.

The Kkraft box of apple kendama
Apple kendama will arrive at your house within a simple box. Easy packing to save the environment.
Unique wrapping of apple ball of apple kendama
The apple ball is wrapped with net like a real apple.
Bright red color of apple kendama
Bright red apple can be an accent in your interior.
The pedestal of apple kendama
When you do not play kendama, you can display it on the pedestal. At first, you need a little power to set and remove the kendama in and out of pedestal.
A woman is playing kendama
Look! An apple is flying! This apple kendama is a little bit more difficult than usual kendama.
The logo of more Trees
You can save Japanese forest by playing kendama.

Caring tips

  • * When the apple kendama gets wet, please wipe it immediately. Keep the kendama dry and clean.
  • * The paintings are safe, but please make sure that small children will not lick the products.
  • * Strong impact may cause scratch or crack on the products.
  • * Please do not run around with having kendama. It may cause injury.
  • * Before you play kendama, please make sure that the place is enough broad and safe.
  • * Please note that the strings may snap by concentrate power or pulled strongly.
  • * Since the product use natural wood, the grain or color of wood may be different from the pictures. Please enjoy each perspectives of the wood.
  • * Natural wood is breathing all the time. Also, the wood takes the moisture in the air in and out. The product may become expand or contract, or warped due to the moisture of the air. Please keep the product away from the heaters, direct rays of the sun, air conditioning, or extremely humid place.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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