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Dishes / 230 plate / pistachio green / Kimura glass

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size 230×38
weight 560.0000
notes oven, freezer cannot be used.
remarks Dishes series is handmade one by one by craftsmen. We can see color irregularities, blurs, or different shades of colors. Please enjoy only one appearance of handmade product.
Short Description 【Dishes / 230 plate / pistachio green】“dishes” series is a collaboration item with yumiko iihoshi porcelain × Kimura glass. This is 230 plate / pistachio green. Pistachio green tableware has beautiful gloss. Kimura glass is an old-established studio of glassware which is loved by professionals. Yumiko Iihoshi is a popular ceramic artist. They collaborate and produce simple tableware with white rim. They pursue in degrees of rim or size to make dishes stand out. Form is so simple that consist of only straight line. 230 plate (about 9.05 inches) is the largest plate in “dishes” series. It is good for main dish. Since it has deep rim, the plate can work for juicy dishes as well. Microwave and dishwasher SAFE. Useful tableware would great gifts as well.

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