It becomes much colder.

I am planning to prepare kotatsu. 


Well, we have a lot of events in fall and winter.

Wedding, Christmas, birthdays... (As for me, I have a lot of friends whose birthdays are September to February.)

It means, we need to prepare a lot of gifts.


How about choosing gifts at Japan Design Store?

We have a lot of our original sets for gifts.



We make various types of set beyond the border of brand.

Our buyer and staff take time to make these sets.

Today, among various sets, we would like to introduce sets with Suzugami.


1.Traditional fascination of Takaoka copperware

"Omotenashi set from Takaoka"

This set is a collaboration of 2 brands, Nousaku and syouryu.

Both brands are in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.

So, the name is "Omotenashi set from Takaoka."

Omotenashi means entertaining or showing one's hospitality.


It is set with 13cm suzugami × 2 + chopstick rests "Hanabana."

You can enjoy the every bit of tin with this set.



2.Work through the year! Stylish Soba choko set

This is a set of 2 soba choko cups from Azmaya and 11cm suzugami × 2.

The set in the picture is "Stylish Soba choko set / Arare + Youraku + Suzugami ×2".


In hot season, you can use them as soba choko cup and plates for seasonings.

Soba choko is a cup for putting sauce for buckwheat noodles.


In cold season, you can have a tea time with hot tea and some dessert on suzugami.

Each item can be used separately. It is very useful set.


3.Have a home party!  Sushi party set

Holiday season is a season of home party, isn't it?

This set is the best item for Sushi party!

The set in the picture is "Sushi Party Set / Arare / Set for 4".


Sushi party set includes 7 items: 24cm suzugami × 1, Karai of Hirota glass × 4, Soy sauce cruet of Hirota glass × 1, and Rolling pin for suzugami × 1.


We hope this set help you to make a happier party!


One more…

We have a lot of suzugami set with some sizes.

In fact, these sets are also our original set!

Most of other online shops of suzugami only offer a piece of suzugami.

If you are planning to send suzugami as gifts, leave it to us!


A product has various type of set.

This is a proud point of our shop.


In addition to suzugami, we have various original sets.

Please visit our website.