Half of November is already passed.

Party season is coming soon!

You have many chances to have a party and drink alcohol.

To make a happier party, how about using stylish tableware?


Today, we would like to introduce rocks glasses recommended by Japan Design Store.


1.Nousaku Tin tumbler

These are our long-seller, tin tumbler from Nousaku.

In the picture, left is tin beer tumbler, and the right is NAJIMI tumbler.

NAJIMI tumbler has a dent to easy hold.


Tin tumbler makes sake delicious. In addition, tin keeps the cold of drink since it has great thermal conductivity.


2.Kimura glass Unique whiskey glasses

Next item is the rocks glasses!

Unique whiskey glasses from Kimura glass.

This is a collaboration item by long-established glass atelier "Kimura glass" and designers.

In the picture, left is SLANT GLASS, and the right is CRUMPLE OLD.

SLANT GLASS has slant bottom. It looks unstable, but has enough stability.

CRUMPLE OLD has unique design that glasses are crumpled.


In addition to these 2, we have KANNA GLASS.



All 3 glasses reflects light beautifully.

Please enjoy stylish rocks glasses!


3.fresco solito

When you have a girls' party, how about these cute glasses?

These colorful glasses are "solito" from fresco.

All the glasses are hand blown by craftsmen.

Therefore, once it becomes out of stock, the next arrival will be 4 months after..!


Detailed and cute glasses enliven the party mood.


4.WIRED BEANS Eternal glass

This is Eternal glass from WIRED BEANS.

If you are in Japan, the maker exchanges the broken glass for a new glass.

You cannot use this service out of Japan, but the design of the glass is very stylish!

Please use hand blown beautiful glasses.


In addition to the "Frost" at the picture, WIRED BEANS offers "Clear" and unique "Titan coat."

5.Hirota Glass Edo Kiriko

At last. we would like to introduce this Futa choko glass from Hirota Glass.

This is a soba choko cup with lid made of a Japanese tradaitionl craft Edo Kiriko.

When you pour sake with ice in the Edo kiriko glass, it reflects light beautifully.

On the lid, you can put some snacks for sake.

You can make a calm and luxurious time with Edo kiriko cut glasses.


Well, these are the 5 recommended rocks glasses of Japan Design Store.

Stylish, cute, traditional... we have a lot of rocks glasses.


Please find your favorite one or best glasses for your party.


Have a wonderful party with special rocks glasses this year!