Hello, everyone!

Japan is rainy season now.

In rainy season, we can enjoy beautiful raindrops and hydrangea.


However, unpleasant things happens in rainy season, too.

Food poisoning become common, too.

Japanese rainy season and summer is humid and hot.

That is a perfect condition for gems to grow.


To prevent us from food poisoning, Japanese green tea is good!

Today, we would like to tell you the effects of Japanese green tea against food poisoning.




Japanese green tea has a lot of good effects to our health.

Among those effects, we would like to pick up the bactericidal action of Japanese green tea.


The most remarkable nutrient is catechin.

Catechin is a kind of polyphenol.

Japanese green tea includes a lot of catechin compared to Oolong tea or black tea.

This catechin has high bactericidal action.


From chemical view point, catechin adsorb the cell membrane of germs, and weaken or destroy the germs.


This bactericidal action is effective against the germs casing food poisoning.

In addition, catechin is effective against influenza or E.coli O-157.




For summer, iced green tea is delicious and refreshing.

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To survive hot summer in a healthy way, let's drink Japanese green tea with good Japanese tableware!


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