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Hirota Glass Edo Kiriko karai Traditional crafts

Edo Kiriko Karai, Japan's beautiful traditional crafts

Edo Kiriko [Karai]. Its appearance is like a jewel.

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[Hirota Glass]Karai

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Shining by pouring a drink Karai

"Karai Edo Kiriko" is a special traditional craft of "Hirota Glass". "Hirota Glass" is a glass workshop, which lasts from 1899 founding.
Plump silhouette glass of imitating the shape of a flower bud.
A pattern that has been cut by Kiriko craftsmen, shines like jewels.

This beautiful pattern all are made by hand.
To produce a regular fine pattern, experience and exceptional technology would necessary.
I'm just surprised to Hirota Glass quality.

Hirota Glass Edo Kiriko

Cheers to chic colors!

There is a bold image in the Edo Kiriko. However, Hirota Glass "Karai", where the fineness and chic hue of the pattern, table coordination will finish in a very elegant atmosphere.
Purple of this "Karai" Edo Kiriko is the color such as the ripe grapes.
By the light of windowsill, you can enjoy its beauty.

Edo Kiriko traditional crafts purple

Freshness, such as strawberry of freshly picked

Red beauty of the "Karai".
I came up with the appropriate expression to convey the beauty of this color to you.

"Freshness, such as freshly picked strawberries."
Simply can not be said to be red.
Partially shades of color changes depending on the angle and light to see. It is really mysterious color.

It may look like freshly picked strawberries.
There are bright red strawberries. And also there are strawberries of middle of red and white. A collection of such strawberries might be the "Karai".
While thinking such a thing we take pictures, write a sentence.

Japanese traditional crafts
Japanese traditional crafts Karai
Modern glass of Hirota Glass
Edo Kiriko Japan Karai
Edo Kiriko Karai
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Arare red
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Arare red
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Arare purple
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Arare purple
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Kamaboko red
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Kamaboko red
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Kamaboko purple
Hirota glass Edo Kiriko Kamaboko purple

Comes with the original box

In this way, it will be delivered in the state of being carefully packed in Karai original box.
"Hirota Glass" is the glass workshop of long-established that continued from 1899 founding. That is the craftsman handmade glass products of "Hirota Glass". It is recommended for gifts to convey gratitude to loved ones.
Beautiful glass products of Hirota Glass will be very pleased as a gift.

Hirota Edo Kiriko Glass

Caring tips

  • * Please soak glasses in lukewarm water with ph.-balanced detergent. Wash with soft cloth or sponge one by one.
  • * When you wash inside the glass, please do not twist the sponge.Please use the sponge with handle.
  • * The sudden change of temperature cause the damage on the glass. Please do not wash in hot water of dishwasher.
  • * The glass of Hirota glass is soda glass. It is not a tempered glass.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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