Japanese teapot sou sou ceramic japan

Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series from ceramic japan.

Japanese teapot sou sou makes your gesture look beautiful

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[ceramic japan]Sou-sou

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Relaxing time with beautiful Japanese teapot

Fresh form reminds us water.
We can feel new “Japanese” atmosphere from curved line.

Sou sou series of ceramic japan has 2 series.
One is clear blueish white porcelain, and another is warm yellowish white porcelain.

Please imagine when you pour tea with Japanese teapot.
Lift Japanese teapot, or kyusu with one hand, and hold the lid with another hand.
Sou sou series of ceramic japan is a special teapot that pursues the beauty of gesture when you pour tea.

For your teatime with your friend or your favorite book.
Japanese teapot sou sou series gives moderate and clean time in your life.

Pursuit of designer produced beautiful contour

Japanese teapot sou sou series is elegant and warm.
Where this beauty comes from?

The Japanese teapot was designed by a designer Noriyuki Fujii. Mr. Fujii is also a potter to produce porcelain. Mr. Fujii formed the teapot by pottery wheel, and ceramic japan produced it with inherited skill.
Therefore, sou sou series has the unique taste of handmade products.

The products designed by Noriyuki Fujii are characterized by its unique curved line. People cannot stop touching it. We can see the aesthetic sense of Mr. Fujii from Japanese teapot of sou sou series.

Japanese teapot and teacup, or yunomi in Japanese of sou sou series have rounded gentle form. It becomes narrower to the bottom. So, it is rounded as well as smart. The narrow part of teacups fit our fingers well.

The place of teacup we drink from is thin. Gentle curved line produces gentle touch. Yunomi can be stacked.

Smooth texture and unique form gives cute atmosphere to Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series. Japanese teapot has dignified atmosphere.

Brief personal record of the designer Noriyuki Fujii

  • 1955 Born in Osaka
  • 1980 Graduated from the department of Industrial, Interior design and Craft design of Musashino Art University
    Work at laboratory of ceramic of the same department of the same university
  • 1986 Japan Crafts Exhibition (5 times in total)
    Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition (2 times in total)
  • 1987 Built kiln in Seto city of Aichi prefecture
    Won Jury’s Special Award at Seto Design Forum (3 times in total)
  • 1989 International Ceramics Festival in Mino
  • 1993 Japan Ceramic Exhibition (2 times in total)
    Recorded on “Tou” (Ceramics) of Tokai
  • 1996 Tokai Modern Ceramics at Nagoya Congress Center
  • 1998 Akari no Utsuwa (Produced by HIZUKI)
  • 2000 Akari no Utsuwa (Produced by HIZUKI)
    Won the Grand prix at Kanazawa Wan・One Grand Prix
  • 2001 Kanazawa International Crafts Competition
  • 2002 Itami International Craft Exhibition
  • 2006 Kanaz Forest of Creation Sake set Exhibition
  • 2008 Invited to Kanazawa Wan・One Grand Prix Exhibition

2 types of Japanese teapot of sou sou series from ceramic japan

Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series have beautifully curved form. This series have 2 types. One is blueish white porcelain, and the another is yellowish white porcelain. Smooth surface of Japanese teapot and teacup produces beautiful gloss and color.

  1. Ceramic japan sou sou series Blueish white porcelain

    The blueish white porcelain of sou sou series has cool blueish white color. In fact, “sou sou” series started from this blueish white tableware. “Sou sou” means blue and fresh in Japanese. This name comes from the unique color of this tableware.

    The yunomi penetrate light a little. Blueish white color and see-through feeling create elegance of the Japanese teacup.

    Japanese teapot of sou sou series has curved handle. Stylish, but very cute design. Blueish white porcelain tends to be looked cool. However, the blueish white porcelain of sou sou series is not too cool with organically curved design. The more you use it, the more you will like this Japanese teapot and teacup.

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  2. Ceramic japan sou sou series Yellowish white porcelain

    Yellowish white porcelain was produced by making the white porcelain yellow. Yellowish white has warmth. Warm color will relax you.

    The yunomi of yellowish white porcelain penetrates light, too. Yellowish white color and see-through feeling gives nostalgic atmosphere of the teacup. You can enjoy green tea, houjicha, Oolong tea, or black tea with this teacup and Japanese teapot.

    Japanese teapot of yellowish white porcelain has copper vine. A teapot with this type of handle is also called dobin. Beautiful texture of copper fits the unique color.

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Cool blueish white porcelain or cute yellowish white porcelain. Which do you prefer? Please choose your favorite one.

Kyusu and dobin of sou sou series are practical tableware

Kyusu and dobin of sou sou series can contain 360ml. It is best size for pouring tea for 3-4 people.

We can see the craftsmanship from Japanese teapot.
The lid of Japanese teapot is an egg-shaped lid. This lid does not have knob, but very easy to grab.

At first sight, this lid seems no air hole. Please be assured. There is a small air hall at the bottom of egg.

Also, please look at the spout of Japanese teapot. Carefully produced spout is hard to drip tea.

What’s more, the most beautiful part of this Japanese teapot is tea strainer. Recently, many ceramic teapots have stainless tea strainers. The Japanese teapot of sou sou series have ceramic hemisphere strainer with many small halls at the mouth of spout.

This type of tea strainer is stylish, as well as easy to care. Skilled craftsmen produce this tea strainer one by one. We can feel the warmth and detailed work of handwork.

The Japanese teapot of sou sou series are not only stylish, but also useful!

Enjoy tea with teacup, or yunomi of sou sou series

Smooth texture and rounded form is the attractive point of yunomi.
We would like you to pursue teacup when you drink tea. You touch it directly, and drink tea from it.

Yunomi tells the taste of tea and more! The warmth of tea, steam, beautiful color, flavor, and mouth-feel… everything of tea.
The teacup of sou sou series is a suitable yunomi for tasting these things. You can enjoy tea with your five senses with the yunomi of ceramic japan.

Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series won Good Design Award!

Sou sou series of ceramic japan won Good Design Award in 2009. The Good Design Award is sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. This Award will be given to the things with “Good Design” that enrich or probably enrich life or society. The Award is an only system of comprehensive evaluation and recommendation of design.

Japanese teapot and teacup is also recommended for sake set

We recommend using Japanese teapot and teacup as sake set. The dobin of yellowish white porcelain is especially recommended for Japanese sake. How about using dobin instead of tokkuri (sake bottle)? Your sake time will be better with dobin. Of course, you can drink shochu.

Yunomi can contain 100ml. It is best size for guinomi. Broad surface cup will entertain you with good flavor of sake. Of course, you can enjoy Japanese sake, shochu, whiskey, or umeshu.
Japanese teapot and teacup of bluish white porcelain and yellowish white porcelain can make sake look clear. Please enjoy the original taste.

What is “ceramic japan” the brand of sou sou series?

Ceramic japan is a pottery brand in Seto city of Aichi prefecture. Ceramic japan is famous for its great design ceramics. They plan and produce various ceramic products.

It was established in 1973. Under the consistent and inherited design policy, ceramic japan collaborates with talented designers. Noriyuki Fujii, Michio Akita, Katsuhiko Ogino, Oki Sato from “nendo,” Kaichiro Yamada, and TONERICO: Inc. With these designers, ceramic japan produces various products of sense. The items of ceramic japan are the fusion of inherited skill and modern design. Also, the items have practicality and artistry.

In addition to the Good Design Awards, some products of ceramic japan was designated as the permanent collection of MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). Their products get high reputation from the world.

Recommended items for gifts! Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series

Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series are very stylish tea sets. Stylish, modern, and simple color Japanese tea sets are suitable items for gifts. You can use beautiful teapot and teacup in various scenes every day. In addition to green tea, you can enjoy houjicha, barley tea, oolong tea, and black tea. The rounded form of the Japanese teapot is the appropriate form for jumping loose tea leaf.

Japanese teapot and teacup of sou sou series make your gesture look more beautiful. In addition, it is easy to care. For tea lovers, wedding gifts, or birthday gifts, kyusu and yunomi set is best.
Elegant and simple Japanese teapot will relax the life of your dearest person.

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