Fall is one of the best season for wedding ceremony.

Don't you have friends or siblings that have wedding ceremony this autumn?

(For me, I have 2 couples!)

Have you decide the wedding gifts for them?


As the features of great gifts, there are

1.  Useful in daily life or entertaining guests

2. High-quality or expensive item that we seldom purchase for ourselves


For wedding gifts,

3. Auspicious item that wish the happiness of just-married couple

This is important!


What item fulfill all the conditions?

We recommend

Stylish 2 pairs of chopsticks!

In Japanese, Meoto-bashi.




Chopsticks are often likened to a couple.

Chopsticks are always used in pair. We cannot use a chopstick alone. When we eat, we need a pair of chopsticks. It is like Bride and Groom.

We wish upon Meoto-bashi that “may a couple can be together forever by using Meoto-bashi together every day.”


Also, Hashi (chopsticks) has same sound as Hashi (bridge).

Therefore, chopsticks can be a bridge between husband and wife.


From these reasons, 2 pairs of chopsticks have been popular item as wedding gifts in Japan.

How about send beautiful, auspicious, and useful Japanese items?


Here is our popular items of 2 pairs of chopsticks! 

1.Butterfly 2 pairs / Chopsticks set / Green & Yellow / Floyd

* Now, the box changes into thick paper box.

This is the most popular item of 2 pairs of chopsticks in our store!

Cute design and fresh colors are suitable as gifts.

Cute chopstick rests colors your dinner table.


2.[Set] [Paulownia box] Shizuku / 2 pairs of Chopsticks and Chopstick rests / Hakuichi

Its popularity rises sharply!

This chopsticks set has gorgeous gloss of gold leaf and mat sheen of lacquer.

Color contrast of gold, red or black has Japanese atmosphere.

Cute small chopstick rests are included in this set.


3.[Set] [Paulownia box] Pair of oval lacquered chopsticks / Makiji / Black & Red / Wajima Kirimoto

These chopsticks have unique oval form!

To produce a chopstick, it needs a lot of time and superb skill of traditional craftsmen.

Mat texture has elegant mood.

Simple, beautiful, and comfortable in use!


4.[Paulownia box] 2 pairs of chopsticks / Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks / Kirara / Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten

Mat gloss chopsticks have luxurious shine of gold Takasago powder.

Makiji finishing makes the chopsticks strong against scar.




Which do you like?

In addition, Japan Design Store offers various Meoto-bashi!

Please check this page!

Japanese chopsticks as refined gifts



For example, we have chopsticks with beautiful gloss of lacquer.

However, as wedding gifts, many people choose simple and stylish Makiji finished chospticks.


Of course, the important thing is not popularity, but the select of best item for the recipients.


We wish you can find a best gift for your dearest person.