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Well, do you know the material of chopsticks?

We believe that most of you imagine "wood" or "lacquer."

In addition, we have bamboo, plastic, or glass chopsticks.

Each material has different feature in weight or texture.


As  a representative Japanese tableware, you know chopsticks.

In fact, it is a deep world!

Today, let us show you the world of chopsticks from materials.



1.Wooden chopsticks

Butterfly 2 pairs of Floyd is a set of cute butterfly chopstick rests and wooden chopsticks.

This chopsticks are made of beech wood. It is the shape of octagon.

Beech wood has very smooth texture. Please enjoy unique wood grain.

* Now, the box changed into a thick paper box.


2.Bamboo chopsticks

Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs is a set of bamboo chopsticks and tin chopstick rest of hawk's feather.

Bamboo chopsticks are very light. Also, bamboo has beautifully straight grain.

The top of the chopsticks has the shape of arrowhead.

* Now, the box changed into a thick paper box.


3.Lacquered Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks

There are all sorts of lacquer chopsticks.

Depend on the skills or finishing, lacquer chopsticks have different texture.

This lacquered chopsticks "Kirara" from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten is a kind of "Hon Kanshitsu Chopsticks."

Kanshitsu is a name of technique. Craftsmen scatter dry lacquer powder on lacquered chopsticks. Then, lacquer again and polish it.


It looks rough surface. However, it is very smooth.

Hon Kanshitsu chopsticks are not slippery, but smooth touch.


4.Lacquered chopsticks

This is Wajima lacquer ware!

These glossy chopsticks are "Oval lacquered chopsticks / Uwanuri" from Wajima Kirimoto.

The sheen of lacquer expresses the beauty of Japan.

Wajima Kirimoto dry the lumber of hiba for 10 to 20 years after cutting.

On the dried wood, craftsmen lacquer it one by one.

If we use chopsticks carefully, it is said that we can use a pair of chopsticks for 10 years.


5.Resin chopsticks

It is very rare, clear chopsticks!

This is "Clear gold thread" from Hakuichi.

The upper side of the chopsticks have delicate decoration of gold thread.

For a celebration dinner, this chopsticks suit well.

The edge of the Hakuichi chopsticks have nonslip processing.




Now, you are at the entrance of chopsticks world.

Japan Design Store is not specialized in chopsticks. However, we have various chopsticks made of various materials.

We have a special page of 2 pairs of chopsticks. Please also check here!

We hope that you can encounter with your fated chopsticks.