Do you know the release day of Beaujolais Nouveau this year? 

This year, it is...

November 16th (THU)!


Every year, at the 0 am of the third Thursday of November is the release timing.

Almost 1 month to go!


Fall is the good season for having party.

It is comfortable, and we have a lot of delicious food in autumn!

How about sending the new wine with wine glasses?


Beaujolais Nouveau is a kind of wine produced to judge the quality of grape of the year.

So, the wine becomes the right time to ear in a short period.


Drinking Beaujolais Nouveau has the meaning of celebration of the harvest of the year.

Since Japan is the far east country, we can drink the Beaujolais Nouveau earlier than other countries.



Let's drink a special wine with a special wine glass!

Pair glass set would be great gifts, as well.


Here is our recommended pair glass sets!


1.[Set] Pair lacquer colored wine glasses / Gold & Silver / Toba Shitsugei

Lacquer colored glasses from Toba Shitsugei are filled with Japanese beauty.

It has gloss of glass, sheen of lacquer and shine of gold leaf (or white gold leaf)!

Gold and silver color is an auspicious combination.

When you see the glass from above, you can enjoy its glitter more!



2.[Set]ETERNAL GLASS / SAKE Glass / UMAKUCHI / Exclusive box / WIRED BEANS

This is Sake glass from WIRED BEANS.

If you are in Japan, you can exchange the glass even if you break the glass!

This form is especially made for enjoying flavor of sake.


3.[Set] Pair SLANT GLASS / Whiskey glass / Kimura glass

These are "SLANT GLASS" from the designers' glass series of Kimura glass.

This is rocks glasses for whiskey. However, it also recommended for wine!

If you put two glasses face to face, the glasses look close together.

So, it is great gifts for couples!

You can enjoy the color and flavor of wine well with this glass.



Beaujolais Nouveau is a fruity and fresh wine. So, we recommend cool it well.

If you send the glasses and wine together, it gonna be a great seasonal gifts!