It's October. Halloween is around the corner!

How do you plan do spend the day this year?

What's your plan of dressing up?


For a stylish Halloween party, let's prepare items to make a special table setting!

Today, we would like to introduce our recommended items for Halloween party.




1.[Set] Pair lacquer colored wine glasses / Green & Purple / Toba Shitsugei

These wine glasses have gloss of glass, mat sheen of lacquer, and delicate line of gold.

In the stem, we can see beautiful color of lacquer.

Colorful, but chic glasses can make a stylish table setting.


2.[Set] Wine glass marker set / LIBERTY ART FABRICS ×Takenaka kinsai / Cement Produce Design

This is cute glass marker set. If you invite many friends, these Glass markers can mark the glasses of each member.

In fact, these glass markers have reversible design.

One side is LIBERTY PRINT, and the another side is Kyo-yuzen.

So, people can choose their favorite pattern.



3.AKARI / Table Lamp / Model 1N / Isamu Noguchi

As for the Halloween party, lantern is indispensable!

This is "AKARI" by Isamu Noguchi.

It's not Jack-o'-lantern, but unique form reminds us pumpkins.

Unique rounded form lamp provides  gentle light.


How do you like them?

Unique and stylish items will make your Halloween party more stylish than other year!

Have a wonderful Halloween!!