It is fall♪

When it gets cold, we can see many Chinese cabbages in grocery stores.

What do you cook with Chinese cabbages?

Most Japanese people will answer "Nabe"or hot pot.


Then, what do you drink with hot pot?

According to a ranking, the number 1 is...




In summer, drinking beer outside is tremendous!

In fall and winter, we would like to drink beer with warm dishes at home.


Today, we would like to introduce great items to enjoy Nabe more! / L / White 

"do-nabe" is a stylish donabe!

It can produce modern atmosphere on the table.

This do-nabe L size is unexpectedly large! The donabe can contain a lot.


In addition, do-nabe has IH-free series.


2.[Set] [Exclusive box]1 Beer cup L + 1 tumbler

To drink beer, this tin beer cups are strongly recommended!

Beer cup and tumbler of Nousaku are made of 100% pure tin.

Tin makes beer delicious! Also, tin makes fine froth of beer.

Beautiful gloss of tin gives luxurious atmosphere.

Of course, Japanese sake or shochu become delicious with tin beer cup or tumbler.


3.Nabeshiki house / Wooden kitchen hot pad / Black cherry

It is difficult to find cute Nabeshiki, or kitchen hot pad.

Nabeshiki house is the cutest wooden trivet I have ever known.

When you do not use, the trivet becomes a cute wooden house like this!


Recommended gift item set!

4.[Set] Donabe set for 2 

This set includes do-nabe M (IH-free) and Nabeshiki house Walnut.

It is best size for 2 people.

Stylish atmosphere will add to Nabe time.

For your daily dinner, or small home party, this set works well!

How about sending this set to a friend and bring ingredients of Nabe?

Hot pot party starts soon!


With delicious beer and delicious Nabe, please enjoy your Nabe time!