[Set] Shuki daruma (Bisque) / Wooden bread board SENRO S

[Set] [Exclusive box] Shuki daruma (Bisque) / Wooden bread board SENRO S

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weight (g) 874.0000
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remarks 【Set contents】2 items: Shuki daruma (Bisque) (×1) / SENRO S (×1)
All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. [SENRO] The color or the grain of wood may be different from the pictures since all the products are made of natural wood. Wash with soft sponge or cloth with neutral detergent after use. When the product loses the gloss, please spread cooking oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.,) on the product, and wipe it with dry cloth. Avoid soaking in water for a long time or sterilization by boiling.
Short Description 【[Set] [Exclusive box] Shuki daruma (Bisque) / Wooden bread board SENRO S】This is a set of snowman-shaped sake set Shuki daruma (Bisque) from ceramic japan and wooden bread board SENRO S from Sunao Lab. Shuki daruma is a sake set with 1 tokkuri (sake bottle) and 2 sake cups. Wooden bread board SENRO is made of cherry wood. Craftsmen shave the products from solid natural wood. it has smooth texture and beautiful wood grain. You can use the both sides of the board. This set is within Japan Design Store original box. Great gift item for sake lovers or cute items lovers.


ceramic japan

Japan Design Store proudly offers products of ceramic japan. Their products are stylish ceramics with great design.


SUNAO lab.

Sunao Lab is a natural brand under the concept of “live with ‘Fun’”. They offer solid wooden tableware and interior goods. The wooden products of Sunao Lab make babies to adults smile.