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Japanese folding fan made of Omi Chijimi

Simple and modern, Omi Chijimi folding fan Japangarde

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Simple and modern Japanese folding fan

This is “Japangarde” fan from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten. Japangarde is the name of this folding fan made of refreshing linen. It is chic color and modern design.
Nishikawa Shouroku shouten is a select shop in Omi Hachiman city in Shiga prefecture. Surprisingly, it has more than 430 years’ history.

You cannot find similar design Japanese folding fan in Tokyo or Kyoto. Few folding fans have such earth tone color and linen material.
Simple and modern Japanese fan suits kimono and daily clothes.

What does “Japangarde” mean?

Japangarde is “Japan” + “avant-garde.” As the name explains, Japangarde is an avant-garde folding fan. Nishikawa Shouroku shouten pursuit Japanese beauty in avant-garde way, and this modern Japanese fan was born.

There are 2 points that makes this folding fan avant-garde.

  1. Design of guard

    Guard is the both ends when you open a folding fan. When you close the fan, the guard comes in both sides. The attractive feature of Japangarde is the design of guard.

    On the calm color and simple design, modern design guard makes an accent. Japangarde has 3 designs, “Tamoto” “Star” and “Flower.” One guard has design, and another guard has a logo mark of Nishikawa Shouroku shouten.
    The unique guards make an avant-garde folding fan.

    3 types of designs of guards
    From left to right, Tamoto, Star and Flower.
  2. Material of cover

    Generally, Japanese folding fans are made of bamboos and papers.
    However, the cover of Japangarde is made of linen. The linen is “Omi Chijimi,” a traditional linen of Shiga prefecture. With the special material, you can enjoy refreshing color and cool touch of folding fan.

    High-quality linen has elegant atmosphere. Therefore, you can use Japangarde folding fan at the first-class hotels or restaurants.

Stylish Japanese folding fan as gifts and omiyage

Japangarde has 4 chic colors, white, beige, gray, and green. The ribs are beautiful white bamboo. For kimono, yukata, or casual clothes, simple and modern folding fans suit well.
This Japanese folding fan is set with useful case. All fans are within exclusive paulownia boxes. Therefore, the folding fans are great gifts, too.

Japangarde fans are for both men and women. So, this simple folding fan is great gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Also, the Japanese fans are popular items as Japanese omiyage, or souvenirs.

Tamoto is very simple, so it is good presents for men or women. If you would like to send pairs of fans, how about choosing Star for men and Flower for women?

White and beige color of Japangarde fan

For more elegant gift! Stylish Handkerchief wrapping

If you would like to send these folding fans as gifts, how about the sets with Handkerchief wrapping? We make Japan Design Store original sets with “Japangarde” fan and Handkerchief from WDH. We will wrap “Japangarde” fan with Handkerchief. It seems like makimono scroll of ninja!

Colorful handkerchief gives more elegant atmosphere.
This set is necessary set for going out in hot season.

Image of Handkerchief wrapping of Japangarde fan
Left: Easy wrapping / Right: Wrapping paper with Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki

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Comment from buyer

For humid and hot Japanese summer, folding fans are indispensable items. However, we usually wear casual clothes. So, I had been looking for “a fan suits casual clothes, but has Japanese chic atmosphere.”

A fan suits yukata, casual clothes, and formal suits…It was difficult to find the one.
I looked some fans of Kyoto and Tokyo. But still, I could not find the folding fan I looked for.

Finally, I found the one! That was Japangarde from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten.
Simple color, high-class linen, and modern design of guard. I fell in love with the folding fan at first sight. And now, I can introduce the Japanese fans to our customers.

The size of Japangarde is for unisex. Also, the colors are so simple that everyone can use. So, it is great gift, too.

As for me, I (am a woman) chose Tamoto white, the simplest one. (Actually, it was very difficult to choose.)
Simple and refreshing folding fans “Japangarde” works everywhere. I can survive the humid and hot Japanese summer with this folding fan!

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