Japanese wooden perpetual calendar

Japanese wooden perpetual calendar

Use wooden perpetual calendar, and save trees

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[more trees]Japanese wooden perpetual calendar

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Wooden perpetual calendar from “more Trees design” from Japan.
You can feel the gentle texture of wood.
Pleasant time to replace blocks every month.
Let us introduce you the charm of Japanese wooden perpetual calendar.

Lifelong calendar, Japanese wooden perpetual calendar from more Trees

You can make the calendar of every month by rotating 7 blocks.
This unique calendar is produced by more Trees design.
You can feel the time passing through the numbers and changing the surface of woods. Since the blocks are made of wood, the texture of surface will change as the time passes.
This is a profound lifelong wooden calendar.

7 blocks of wooden perpetual calendar

Humorous design like a puzzle

A designer Keita Shimizu designed this humorous but simple design. 7 blocks are placed on a stand. Mr. Shimizu is one of the supporters of more Trees, and won numerous Good Design Award.
He devised this perpetual system for corresponding to all the combinations of days and dates after repeated trial and error.
7 blocks are natural color of hinoki (a Japanese cypress), and the stand is black lacquered. Stylish and modern design.
Simple design wooden calendar is also recommended for lovers of Northern European interior.

7 blocks of wooden perpetual calendar

Enjoy Japanese wooden puzzle to make calendar once a month

Once a month, you can enjoy replacing the blocks like a puzzle.
While making new calendar, you have the time to look back the past events of the month, and think of the coming days.
If you have children, you can enjoy the replacing wooden calendar time with your children. The time will be a happy event once a month.

If you send this Japanese wooden calendar as a present, your important person can look back the time when he or she received the wooden calendar and you every month.
Wooden perpetual calendar is a perfect gift for starting new life.

7 blocks of wooden perpetual calendar

Wooden calendar made of hinoki, Japanese smooth lumber

This wooden perpetual calendar is made of hinoki in Gifu prefecture in Japan. The more Trees design was derived from “more Trees”, a forest conservative organization. The wooden perpetual calendar is made of lumber from forest thinning.

Hinoki, a Japanese cypress can be seen around the planted forest in Japan.
The unique flavor of hinoki has relaxing effect, so Japanese people use hinoki as bath tub or rice stocker.
When you touch the wooden blocks of the perpetual calendar, you can feel the fresh flavor of hinoki.
The wooden blocks covered the natural wood surface with oil. So, you can feel the smooth texture of wood.
The texts are printed by silk screen printing. The stand is black lacquered to mat texture.
This Japanese wooden calendar records the time with you.

wooden perpetual calendar's factory more-trees

What is the “more Trees”?

Under the call of “more trees”, more Trees was established in 2007. The forest conservative organization got the supporters of more than 100 people. Worldwide famous musician Ryuichi Sakamoto is the representative of the organization.
67% of Japanese land is covered by forest. Among them, 40 % is the planted forest like Japanese cedar or cypress.
To maintain the beautiful Japanese forest, people need to thin the planted forest.
The more trees evaluate the lumber from forest thinning as a “blessing of wood.” With the concept of “wonder forest,” more Trees design has produced original products for making lifestyle happy.

A part of this wooden perpetual calendar will be donated for the more Trees and help their action to save the forest of Japan.
Your purchase can save the forest.

the size of wooden perpetual calendar comparing with glass
Wooden perpetual calendar is 21cm×21cm. Enough large to be a good interior.
wooden perpetual calendar's black lacquered stand
The stand is lacquered in black so that wood can breathe
wooden perpetual calendar and natural interior with cuckoo clock
Simple and polished wooden calendar can fit with natural interior.
wooden perpetual calendar's claftman more Trees logo
You can save Japanese forest by your purchase.

Caring tips

  • * Please set up the calendar on the level place. Avoid set up on the place where the calendar may fall.
  • * Please keep the wooden calendar away from the direct rays of the sun, heat, or the strong wind of the air conditioning. The calendar may become warped or cracked.
  • * When the calendar gets wet, please wipe it immediately. Keep the calendar dry and clean.
  • * Since the calendar use natural wood, the grain or color of wood may be different from the pictures. Please enjoy each perspectives of the wood.
  • * Natural wood is breathing all the time. Also, the wood takes the moisture in the air in and out. The calendar may become expand or contract, or warped dew to the moisture of the air. Please keep the calendar away from the heaters, direct rays of the sun, air conditioning, or extremely humid place.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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