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Hirota Glass Hourglass Traditional crafts

Wonderful time to send along with the Hourglass of Hirota Glass

Hirota Glass Hourglass

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A gentle time and conversation with Hourglass of Hirota Glass

I want to spend leisurely time with loved ones. I want to add a healing time in busy every day. . .
The hourglass is the healing of the item also has a romantic side as well as practicality. Sight of sparkling grain flows through the simple glass tube is impressive.
This is the hourglass that we want to look at while the conversation. It is said that Hourglass originally was created for use on board.
Roman should also surely transmitted, such as the Age of Discovery and alchemy. . . Excitement to be fascinated by the movement of sand, of the Age of Discovery Roman, nostalgic ...
We recommend Hirota Glass Hourglass to those who want to share such a time with loved ones.

Realize a peaceful time and conversation

Warmth of handmade produces

Why do we feel the gentle warmth from Hirota Glass Hourglass?

Warmth by handmade
Hirota Glass put the value in the "Manufacturing that assess the value of the hand craft".
After heating the tubular glass in the flame of the burner, craftsman blows in the mouth. Hourglass has been made in such a process.
It is the warmth that glass has.
Light through the glass, like drop on the ground the shadow of rainbow colors, very beautiful texture.
Perhaps the light of the rainbow touches my heartstrings.
I feel warmth even in light of inorganic lamp.
Warmth by design
Curve of Hirota Glass product is characteristic.
"While to cherish the analog image, I wanted to create a new product." Hirota president talked that way. Hourglass he devised also inherits the curve.
The hourglass will add the warmth to chic and cool rooms.

Because of the difficulty of raw material procurement and glass processing, it took about two years until a stable production.
Product of Hirota is that they take advantage of the value of the hand work, it has achieved the warmth with the hourglass. This is, not to other hourglass, is a feature of only Hirota Glass Hourglass.

Colorful sand waterfall in the glass

I want to watch that forever.
This smooth and colorful sand make me think so.
If you stare one of the hourglass, the vast beauty that is reminiscent of a waterfall will spread there.
When arranging some of the color, it spreads colorful sand of fireworks.
In Hirota Glass Hourglass, coffee color, jet black color, such as green tea color, also you can enjoy chic color.
In the past, the sand of the hourglass is generally iron sand has been used. Therefore, it was mostly about the black sand.
This is to stabilize the time due to gravity.
At present, by using silica sand, glass beads, it is now possible to a variety of coloring.
Colorful beauty of Hirota Glass Hourglass have such a background.
Not only a sand color, there is a variation in the measurement time.
What colors to fit the image of the living space that you want to achieve?
Please imagine.
Hirota Glass Hourglass would gently wrap your time to pray the loved ones smile.

Rich color variations

Nostalgic view of the world with the beauty of the glass

Hirota Glass Hourglass is not just a fashionable hourglass.
Did you notice a big difference in the design in the usual hourglass and Hirota Glass Hourglass?
The biggest feature of Hirota GlassHourglass is its sophisticated simple design.
- There are no seams and wood frame. It is a simple design.
Yes, the design that fits in wooden frame is the mainstream of normal hourglass. However, there is no frame in Hirota Glass Hourglass.

Further, the glass of Hirota Glass is also characteristic.
The beauty of light when passing through the glass. Weight feeling and texture when you had a glass. And transparent impression.
Its design has been praised by the National Prado Museum in Spain. Gold-plated color has been adopted as its museum goods.
The nostalgic world that was reputed across the border, why not try to incorporate in your space?

Rare chic colors

The beauty of the glass shine in Interior

Just enjoy the atmosphere is too good.
Hirota Glass Hourglass is nice to decorate as interior goods when not in use.
Hourglass is also attractive as interior goods. That's because it is designed so that the glass shine beautifully in any space.
This simplicity is of a sophisticated simplicity.
May it be said that the simplicity of this hourglass is really stylish?
You might think so.

If it, let's actually decorate.
First of all, it's living.
Beautiful glass of this hourglass, decorated in stylish on a shelf or table.
For example, around the desk.
Modern desks around, such as can concentrate on work, will change to a further high-quality space with this stylish hourglass.
Also in places like office space we will recommend you this fashionable and warm hourglass.

Living room Interior Accessories
Interior goods of healing at the desk

Give a spacious time to loved ones

I hope loved ones to spend a wonderful time on the anniversary.
For example, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding anniversary.
At such times, everyone has this feeling like hope to important people.
How about giving the Hirota Glass Hourglass to your loved ones? I'm sure that feeling of you will reach them.

The Hirota Glass Hourglass comes with a box of chic design.
Satisfaction with the hourglass. Excitement at the time of opening. Then, the warm time to flow together with the sand. To your loved ones.

Perfect box for gift

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