Hi, everyone!

Holiday season ends, and schools or companies start.

If you do not feel like working or studying, how about arranging flowers on your desk?

Colors and good smells of flowers relax you all the time.


However, I guess there are some people who...

"I don't have flower vase." "I wanna get some flowers, but I don't have a vase."


Then, how about arranging flowers with familiar items?

Today, I would like to introduce useful tableware that can be used as flower vases as well.


If you would like to get a flower vase, we have a special page. Please look here!


1.Simple white cup

This is simple white cup of Arita porcelain.

Cups of 1616/arita japan  have teacups without handles.

Those simple cup is good for flower vase!

Beautiful white color of Arita porcelain make flowers stand out.



2.Utility item KAGO

This is KAGO from Nousaku.

One KAGO can be used as fruits basket, bread basket, coasters, and more!

If yo cover small KAGO on a glass, you can arrange a few flowers in good balance.


If you have a big KAGO, wrap a glass with KAGO.

A modern flower vase is complete!

IF you would like to try this, we recommend KAGO Square type.


3.Flexible tableware Suzugami

We have another utility items, Suzugami from syouryu.

Suzugami suits well with Japanese confectionery or cake.

But if you roll a suzugami up, you can make a stylish flower vase!

For fresh flowers, roll shot glass with Suzugami.

What a chic flower arrangement!



4.Hand-blown glass ware

Lastly, I would like to recommend kasumi from fresco.

Kasumi series are hand-blown glass ware. It has beautiful gloss, and gentle gradation.

Unique texture of hand-blown glass make flowers stand out.


For a plate, put some fried flowers. For a bowl fill some water and float petals.




Now, can you get some ideas?

Please try arrangement with your tableware.

Now, we can see some spring flowers in a flower shop.

Let's color your life with seasonal flowers!