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Star gazing with constellation mugs

Star gazing with constellation mugs

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[ceramic japan]Constellation mug

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Unique coffee mugs with 12 zodiac signs

A starry sky in your hand.
This is constellation mug from ceramic japan.
For constellation lovers, or outdoor lifestyle lovers, these unique coffee mugs have been popular.

Constellation mugs give fantastic atmosphere to your coffee time.
We can feel the form of the 12 zodiac signs with our fingers. Can you find your zodiac sign?

Constellation mugs of ceramic japan on the table

The handle of the unique coffee mug has face of moon. The moon is smiling gently.
Unique and cute design relax us.
When you have star gazing, stay warm with a cup of coffee within this constellation mug.

Moon faces of the handle of the unique coffee mugs

Beautiful gentle light! Shining constellation

The most charming point of this unique coffee mug is the shining star.
Constellation mugs (white / yellow) of ceramic japan have some stars on the surface. the stars are transparent. So, the light comes through the stars. It is just like the shining stars.

Each constellation has 2 big stars. We can enjoy the stars from inside and the outside of the unique coffee mugs.

3 mugs of unique coffee mugs on ceramic japan

The stylish work of these constellation mugs (white / yellow) is called “hotarude.” Craftsmen make openwork at the place of stars, and fill the places with translucent glaze. After baking, the filled places become transparent.

When you hold the unique coffee mugs to the light, the stars of openwork shine gently. The name of “hotarude” comes from this gentle light. In Japanese, “hotaru” is a firefly. People likened the light of openwork to the light of a firefly.

“Hotarude” is a historical skill of ceramics. We can see the ceramics with “hotarude” at Persian ceramics in the 12th century or Chinese ceramics in the 15th century.

Light comes through the stars of the constellation mug

The constellation mugs (white / yellow) of ceramic japan has glazed inside and unglazed outside. So, the inside of the unique coffee mugs is smooth. Contrary to this, the outside has mat texture. The contrast of different texture gives fantastic atmosphere of these constellation mugs.

White and yellow mugs of the unique coffee mugs of ceramic japan

Not only the stars, but also the mugs are transparent!

The unique coffee mugs of ceramic japan has stylish openwork. In addition to the stars, the mugs themselves make the light come through slightly. Since the mugs are thin porcelain, we can see the light comes through.

When you pour tea into the constellation mugs, you can see the color of tea from the stars and the body of mug. The beauty of the constellation, the porcelain, and the color of drink make your café time sweet.

Yellow and azure blue constellation mugs with tea. We can see the color of tea within the yellow mug

Beautiful constellation mugs as candle holders

The constellation mugs (white / yellow) of ceramic japan have thin white porcelain and transparent “hotarude” stars. When you do not use them as coffee mugs, how about using them as candle holders?

The gentle light of candle through the mug is very beautiful. You can enjoy your original planetarium easily. When you have calm sake time, or read books before going to bed, gentle light will relax you. If you would not like to use the candles, we recommend LED light.

Constellation mug as a candle holder

Azure blue of constellation mugs from ceramic japan

So far, we introduce the constellation mugs (white / yellow), but ceramic japan offers azure blue constellation mug, too.
The azure blue mugs do not have “hotarude” work. The unique coffee mug itself is not transparent. However, the beautiful gloss of azure gives chic mood.

Azure blue mug of constellation mugs

In Japanese, azure blue is called “Ruri-iro.” Ruri-iro is slightly purplish, brilliant dark blue. The color of dark blue reminds us the fantastic night sky. Zodiac signs are floating in the night sky.

A woman has the azure blue constellation mug

The inside of the azure blue mugs is white. The white inside makes the color of drink look beautiful.
If you use the unique coffee mugs as a pair, azure blue mug with white or yellow mug, the pair becomes the stars of day and night.

Tea in the unique coffee mugs of ceramic japan

Constellation mugs can contain a lot, but very light!

The unique coffee mug of ceramic japan is not only stylish, but usable!
First, the constellation mugs of ceramic japan can contain a lot. The coffee mugs can contain about 300 ml. Nevertheless, you can feel the lightness of the mugs when you drink tea or coffee.

The constellation mugs of ceramic japan is strong, but thin porcelain. The edge is thin so that the edge of mug fit your mouth.

Constellation mugs on the table. A woman has the white constellation mug

The design of this unique coffee cup is pursuit in details. The face of moon at the handle fit 2 fingers.

A woman has yellow constellation mug

The bottom of the unique coffee mug is covered with glaze. The constellation mugs do not damage the table. You can put the coffee mug on glass table or wooden table. Also, the bottom of the unique coffee mug is gently carved. You can enjoy the smooth touch of the constellation mug when you drink tea or coffee.

Have a tea time with Japanese confectionery and the unique coffee mugs

Katsuhiko Ogino, the designer of the constellation mugs

The constellation mugs have 12 zodiac signs and face of moon.
In addition to cute design, the unique coffee mugs are light, easy to drink, and easy to hold the handle. We touch mugs directly with our hand and mouth. Therefore, the design is pursuit to the usability as well.

Have a tea break with yellow constellation mug

A designer Katsuhiko Ogino designed the constellation mugs of ceramic japan. Mr. Ogino designs daily necessities such as ceramics, furniture, and cast iron items. He won many awards. The products designed by Mr. Ogino are designated as permanent collection of museums such as Museum of Modern Arts in New York (MoMA.)

Brief personal record of the designer Katsuhiko Ogino

  • 1944 Born in Tokyo
  • 1962 Graduated from the faculty of wooden products of technological high school
    Learned ceramic design at Musashino Art University
  • 1965 Trainee at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • 1966 Established the Katsuhiko Ogino Design Office
  • 1971 Established Monopro Craft Inc. with Mr. Hanyu and Mr. Nishimura
  • 1975 Mainichi Products Design Award by Mainichi Newspapers / Monopro Craft Inc.
  • 1977 Established Time Studio with Kazuo Motozawa and Takashi Sugimoto
  • 1977 Prime Minister Award / 17th trade fair for small and medium enterprises
  • 1980 Prime Minister Award / 20th trade fair for small and medium enterprises
  • 1984 Kunii Kitaro Industrial Products Award
  • 1994 G mark Special Award
  • 1995 Exhibited in TODAY’S JAPAN DESIGN SAMPLING ’95 / Canada
  • 1996 Exhibited in DESIGN IM WANDEL / Germany
  • 1997 Exhibited in Venice Biennale / Italy
  • 1999 Exhibited in an exhibition / The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama
  • 2000 Exhibited in MILANO SALONE IDYB / Italy
  • 2001~ One-man exhibition every other year / Mono Gallery (Kichijoji)


  • Bavarian National Museum (Germany)
  • Victoria and Albert Museum (United Kingdom)
  • Museum of Modern Art New York (United States of America)

If you like the design of Katsuhiko Ogino, please check Moderato series!

The design of Katsuhiko Ogino is simple, but with playful mind and usability. If you like the design of Mr. Ogino, please check the Moderato series of ceramic japan.

Moderato series is very natural and modern. The series fits various types of cuisine. Gentle color of Moderato series fits your lifestyle. The Moderato series has mugs, cup & saucer, teapot and creamers. Please enjoy natural coordination with Moderato series.

Lunch time with Moderato series of ceramic japan

What is 12 zodiac signs on constellation mugs?

What is the horoscope today?
Everyone have seen the horoscope at least once.
Some may remember the Greece myth when you look up the night sky.
The constellation mugs of ceramic japan have 12 zodiac signs on the surface.

A woman has yellow constellation mug of ceramic japan

12 zodiac signs are these 12 constellations; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

There are numerous constellations in the night sky. Among them, why those 12 are selected? The reason is related to the zodiac.
Zodiac is the path of the sun seen from the earth. Planets move along with the zodiac.

The old days, people believed that the sun is sacred since it gives blessing to the earth. To observe the location of the sun and moon, people marked the constellations they can see on the zodiac. That is the beginning of 12 zodiac signs. The constellations tell the romance of ancient time.

When you have the constellation mugs, please find your zodiac signs. When you have a teatime or coffee time with your friend, please enjoy finding zodiac signs with them!

The constellation mugs for happy gifts

White and yellow mugs of the unique coffee mugs are beautiful with their white porcelain and “hotarude” stars. The azure blue mugs have beautiful dark blue glaze.
The moon faces of white and yellow mugs are smiling gently. The moon face of the azure blue mug is just a contour. Ruri-iro mugs are chic design.

3 constellation mugs on the table

The more you use, the more you love the constellation mugs. So, the unique coffee mugs of ceramic japan are suitable items for gifts. One mug has all 12 zodiac signs. Everyone can find own zodiac sign. If you do not know your zodiac signs, you can check it with the box of the mugs.

Japan Design Store offers our original pair sets. Pair sets are great presents for star-lovers couples. For their birthday, wedding, or anniversaries, the constellation mugs make them happy.
Please have a good stargazing with the constellation mugs!

Pair set of the constellation mugs and their exclusive boxes

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