Unique donburi bowl and tea cups, Trace Face, CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN

Unique donburi bowl and tea cups of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN

Hand-knit? Unique donburi bowl and tea cups Trace Face

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[CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN]Trace face / donburi

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Like an artwork! Unique donburi bowl and tea cup

Fresh white color and delicate stitches.
This is donburi bowl and tea cup of “Trace Face” series. Trace Face series expressed the soft touch of knit wear on the porcelain.

Mat unglazed texture makes the delicate and warm touch of knit stand out.
Donburi bowl and tea cups realizes the surprising combination of “Hard porcelain with soft knit.” We are impressed by this unique porcelain just like when we see the artwork.

Cute and delicate pattern of knit on the donburi bowl and tea cup

Innovated the 1300-years traditional skill

These unique donburi bowls and tea cups are produced by a ceramic maker “M.M. Yoshihashi” and “CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN.”

M.M. Yoshihashi is a maker in Seto city of Aichi prefecture. Seto and Mino region have more than 1300-years history of ceramic production. Among various production skill, these donburi bowl and tea cup are produced with special skill of mold production.

This donburi bowl and tea cup are the masterpiece that express traditional skill of Seto ware by modern design.

Various colors of unique tea cups of Trace Face series

Hand-knit? NO, Hand-carved knit!

Usually, ceramics are decorated by drawing or printing patterns on plain plates or bowls.

However, these unique donburi bowl and tea cups are produced with another way. Craftsmen carved patterns directly to the ceramics.
To be precise, craftsmen carved the mold for Trace Face series. By pouring pottery cray into carved mold, M.M. Yoshihashi and CEMEET PRODUCE DESIGN realized the delicate pattern on ceramics.

You will be surprised to see the detailed design of donburi bowl and teacups. It is natural to think “Craftsmen press knit wear against a bowl?” When you see them at the first time.

In fact, the mold craftsmen take about 2 weeks to produce a mold. So, the unique donburi bowl and tea cups are exactly hand-carved knit!

Craftsmen hand-carved the knit pattern

Unique tea cups have warmth

Knit design cups “Trace Face” are all produced by craftsmen.
The pale color inside makes the warmth of handmade crafts stand out.

Delicate but simple design fits green tea, black tea, coffee, or other various drinks. Also, simple design fits various types of interior.
Handmade, hand-carved tea cups relax you always.

What do you put inside of the unique donburi bowl?

Donburi bowl is a bowl used for donburi (a kind of Japanese food.) You may have heard or eaten Katsudon, Gyudon, or Tendon. But you may have not seen such a stylish donburi bowl!

You can use the stylish design donburi bowl for donburi menu, salad bowl, or fruit bowl.

The donburi bowl of Trace Face series has lid. Therefore, you can make your guest surprise by opening the lid.

What kind of donburi menu you cook for this unique donburi bowl?

Surprising dessert with lots of berries in the donburi bowl

Gifts for unique design lovers, or overseas friends

Knit design donburi bowl and tea cups will be surprised by everyone. In addition to unique design, Trace Face series are made with elaborate skill of craftsmen. So, the unique donburi bowl and tea cups are suitable items for gifts.

Unique teacups can be used for tea or coffee. So, it has been popular regardless of generations.
Especially for unique design lovers, or Japanese lovers, teacups and donburi bowl can be great gifts.

Popular item as wedding gifts

Cute but simple design tea cups have been popular items as wedding gifts. Japan Design Store offers some pair sets of teacups.

The most popular pair is auspicious pink and white pair. In Japan, the combination of red and white is auspicious color.
Also, Trace Face series has another pattern “Rattan basket.” Please select your favorite pattern or color.

Pair tea cup of white and pink set

Set with exclusive box for great gifts

Regardless of sex and ages, simple but delicate design cups are loved. For tea lovers or coffee lovers, unique tea cups are good tableware. Japan Design Store offers our original gift box for pairs of cups or donburi bowls. Simple and elegant box would be suitable for presents.

We make pairs from particularly popular design. Cute knit wear pattern pair, fresh rattan basket pair, or pair of both patterns.
Please select your favorite set from our original sets.

How about sending pair teacups for tea lovers?

Delicate stitch of knit on the tea cup
[Knit Wear] Delicate stitch as same as the real knit wear. Mat and uneven surface fits our fingers well
Delicate mesh of rattan basket
[Rattan Basket] Detailed patterns look like a small rattan basket. We cannot help touching the surface
Gentle design of Knit Wear tea cup
Knit teacup has relaxing atmosphere. Just put it on the table
Coffee in the knit tea cup
Depends on the color of tableware or place mat, Trace Face tea cups change its atmosphere
Different patterns of Trace Face tea cups
Pair with same color but different patterns tea cups
Different colors of Trace Face tea cups
Pair with same patterns but different colors tea cups
Logos of Trace Face and 2 companies of production
Collaborate with the porcelain of Seto city
The exclusive box for the Trace Face series
Simple and elegant design package is suitable for gifts as well
Kaisen Don in white knit donburi bowl
Colorful donburi menu stands out in the simple white donburi bowl
The lid design of donburi bowl of Trace Face series
Common shape of donburi bowl turns to be a unique bowl with knit design
Chuka Don in the knit donburi bowl
Chuka Don, Katsu Don, Gyudon, all kind of donburi menu look great with this knit donburi bowl
Knit donburi bowl with Loco moco don
Stylish knit donburi bowl fits Western-style donburi like Loco moco don
Delicate knit pattern of the donburi bowl
What do you put in this cute knit donburi bowl?
Donburi bowl and its exclusive box
You can send “surprise” with unique knit design donburi bowl

Caring tips

  • * Microwave oven and dishwasher safe.
  • * You cannot use oven and open fire to warm this.
  • * Please avoid using detergent with abrasive or metal scouring brush. It may cause damage on the ceramics.
  • * When the donburi bowl or tea cup are hot, please do not cool them rapidly.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Putting name service

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