It was very cold this morning.

As you know, there are some ways to enjoy cold days.

Drink hot coffee on a sofa.

Drink hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Yes, winter is a good season to enjoy cafe time!


Today, I would like to introduce recommended mugs for hot drink.


1.Spice warm us, Mulled wine

Mulled wine is a special drink in winter.

If you like sweet one, you can add some honey or sugar.


・Red wine (Cheap wine is enough)

・Orange juice

・Cinnamon stick


Just put all ingredients in a cup, and warm it in microwave.

Star anise or ginger are also good with mulled wine.


Recommended mug for mulled wine

Tea mate / Girl's day dream / Lilly / Cement Produce Design

Tea Mate from Cement Produce Design is a heat -resistant glass.

So, you can use the glass in microwave oven!


2.Gently sweet! Coffee with marshmallows

Marshmallows contain collagen. It is expected a good effect on our skin.




Just adding some marshmallows into a cup of coffee, that's it!


To enjoy coffee with marshmallows, we recommend this mug!

Constellation mug / White / ceramic japan

Constellation mugs (white and yellow) of ceramic japan has transparent stars.

The light comes through the stars.


3.Healthy and delicious♪ Soy milk with soybean flour

・Soy milk

・Soybean flour


Warm soy milk in the microwave, and add some soybean flour and honey.


For this healthy drink, we recommend this mug

Cup & saucer / Moderato / ceramic japan

Moderato series of ceramic japan has very natural taste.

Simple and natural tableware suits any kind of dinner table.



These are easy recipe and recommended mugs for the hot drink.

With a little tips, you can have more stylish tea time at home!

Please have a sweet time with favorite cups.