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Cement Produce Design Perch Cup Crafts

Cute animals Perch Cup

Perch Cup, Stylish Scandinavian Mugs

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Stylish Scandinavian mugs at home relaxing

"I want to spend leisurely in stylish room"
"I want my room to the stylish space, such as a cafe."
Holiday afternoon reading time, time for chatting with friends.
To enjoy lounging in a cozy and stylish room is blissful moment.
Room making that you can relax both physically and mentally, you start from where you align the "my favorite things".

The process to collect your favorite things and to make a cozy space is exciting.
Just looking at your favorites, your heart will comforting.
"Perch Cup" of Cement Produce Design is just such items.

A small bird perched on the handle

Isn't it unusual that the mug handle is the shape of animals?
Animal motif of the handle part was made carefully by the prototype craftsmen of Aichi Prefecture. Therefore, it is very realistic.
"Wow, a bird perched on the handle!" Also friends who visited your room should be surprised.

Wonderful time with stylish cup

Fun design mugs in pairs

The time at home, I want to spend with loved ones.
To people who want to spend time with loved ones, Perch Cup of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN is a design that can be used in pairs.
Animals riding on a branch of the mug are the following two types: small birds and chipmunks. There are two colors of white and brown.
"Which one should I use?"
"Brown" or "White". It's difficult to choose.

fun to use in pairs

Adorable animals that tickle the girl's mind

Small animals of Perch Cup tickle a girl's mind.
Suddenly If you look at the small animals of this Scandinavian mug, you will be healed.
Branch of the handle has extended from the big tree part of Perch Cup.
Cute animals such as birds and chipmunks are sitting on the branch as snuggle up to the big tree.

Perch Cup Chipmunks

Perch Cup is cute, and stylish. Its cup, based on a single core of "Scandinavian", has been designed.

While watching the small animals to rest in the "perch" of Perch Cup, how about a cup of tea?
When you serve the tea in Perch Cup, guest will be healed in its cuteness.
Feathers of birds and fur of chipmunks have been finely represented.
Enjoy the moments that are healed by the lovely animals of this Scandinavian mug.

Perch Cup bird

Precise design implementation of the technology is man's romance

Perch Cup is not only a woman, stylish Scandinavian mug also recommended for men.
This delicate pattern is made by craftsmanship of the prototype craftsmen of Aichi Prefecture. Aichi Prefecture is famous for "Setomono (crockery)".

The precise representation of craftsmanship

Craftsman has worked a shaped object that mimics the zodiac each year, stores a fine representation of a moving animal by hand.
It is impossible to reproduce in one integrated molding the scene of birds and chipmunks resting on a tree branch.
Therefore, as a result of trial and error by the developers and craftsmen, it was divided into three parts of the tree, branches, animals. Production of Perch Cup took about three times the labor of ordinary mug production.
Fine making of each of the parts, to finish invisible seams, Scandinavian mug was completed.

Mug time and effort has been put

Decorate the room to Scandinavian in a variety of applications

"I want to make a room Scandinavian style."
Mug "Perch Cup" will grant such a wish of you.
This cup of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN is, in fact, there is a use for other than the mug.
How about following usage for the modern and chic space?
If you add foliage plants to the White Perch Cup, it will be the oasis of the small animals.
It provides healing quiet forest around the busy office desk.

Pots of ornamental plants

"Brown" is perfect for the cafe-style room.
Feature of Perch Cup is grain representation that has been reproduced by the craftsmanship. Perch Cup is also ideal as a fashionable pen stand.
Scent with depth of coffee spread to the room, along with the Nordic air feeling, Perch Cup will deliver the air clear of the forest.
Please spend your own relaxing time with this Perch Cup of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN.
When stacking the cup, it will be more like a tree.
Even when not in use, it is nice as part of the Nordic style decor.
Stylish mug Perch Cup will deliver a comfortable space.

Woody pen stand

Stylish box, perfect for gift

Stylish box of Perch Cup is perfect for gifts. You can enjoy the feeling of excitement before opening the box. It is a nice gift to loved ones and used together as a pair of mugs.
"I want you to spend peaceful time with pretty small animals." Such a feeling will surely reach the favorite person with this Perch Cup.
Of course, you are very comfortable while spending alone time, feel the atmosphere of Nordic.
Enjoy time alone, such as writing and reading while drinking coffee in a Scandinavian style mug is nice.

fashionable packaging

Caring tips

  • * You can use microwave ovens and dishwashers. However, it will cause product damage.
  • * Please avoid use of the oven and freezer.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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