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Splendid party with kimono wine glass markers and coasters

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Collaboration of traditional fabrics in Japan and the United Kingdom

CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN produces stylish and unique items with local industries or craftsmen of traditional crafts.
The Japanese brand produces wine glass markers and kimono coasters!

8 pieces of kimono coasters from CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN

This time, CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN collaborates with 2 historic cities, Kyoto and London.
From Kyoto, an atelier of Kyo yuzen (kimono fabric with kinsai) “Takenaka kinsai.”
And from London, world-famous fabrics brand “LIBERTY ART FABRICS.”

A collaboration of 2 different traditions born these wine glass markers and kimono coasters. This is “Aya-Special Collaboration.”

Kinsai glass markers on the stems of champagne glasses

What is “kinsai”?

When you open the box of wine glass markers or kimono coasters, the glitter of gold catches your eyes at first sight. The glitter is from “kinsai.”

The wine glass markers and kimono coasters are reversible design. one side is Kyo yuzen and another side is LIBERTY print.
For wine glass markers, kinsai is applied to Kyo yuzen side. For kimono coasters, kinsai is applied to both sides.

Red kimono coaster and red wine glass marker

“Kinsai” is a name of traditional skill. Craftsmen apply gold leaf, silver leaf, or other metal powder on the lacquer ware or fabrics.
In traditional Kyo yuzen, craftsmen decorate dyed fabric with various kinsai ways such as Oshihaku, Deikingaki, and Surihaku.
Kinsai is the finishing of kimono.

Kinsai makes the wine glass markers and the coasters more elegant and gorgeous.

Beautiful Japanese traditional pattern with kinsai on the coasters

In kimono coasters, we can see a special collaboration of LIBERTY ART FABRICS and kinsai. On colorful fabrics of LIBERTY, Takenaka kinsai applied Japanese traditional patterns with kinsai.

2 traditions met, and new products was born here.
The fusion of Japanese skill and LIBERTY ART FABRICS makes beautiful, stylish and elegant kimono coasters.

Collaboration of LIBERTY fabrics and kinsai

These wine glass markers and kimono coasters are water-repellant. You can use the coasters and wine glass markers every day.

Home party with coasters and wine glass markers of Aya-Special Collection

What is a brand “Takenaka kinsai?”

Takenaka kinsai has its atelier in Saga Arashiyama in Kyoto. They have more than 50-years history.

Takenaka kinsai expands the skill of kinsai into food or living sphere. With inherited kinsai skill cultivated in kimono, they pursue the more attractive kinsai for Kyo yuzen.

The wine glass markers and kimono coasters are designed by Daisuke Takenaka. His father is a craftsman of kinsai yuzen.
Daisuke would like everyone to know the work of his father. Therefore, he arranged kinsai and Kyo yuzen for contemporary life.

“Aya-Special Collection” won semi grand prix on “Kyo-mono youth competition” in 2013. That competition selects products of Kyoto for modern lifestyle. In 2014, the wine glass markers and kimono coasters won Kyoto DESIGN AWARD.

Detailed work of wine glass markers on the champagne glasses

Popular fabrics Kyo yuzen ×LIBERTY ART FABRICS

What is Kyo yuzen?

Kyo yuzen was born about 300 years ago. A painter for fan Miyazaki Yuzensai established the way of drawing patterns to kimono. By colorful paintings and free drawing, craftsmen can express more pictorial patterns. Kyo yuzen attracted people at that time.

Welcome guest with Kyo yuzen coaster and a glass of water

Kyo yuzen makes designs from traditional plants and flowers. We can see traditional aesthetic sense of Japan from the patterns and colors of Kyo yuzen.

Red and black kimono coasters of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN


LIBERTY print has been loved from all over the world. Cute and detailed design of flowers are especially famous.

Welcome guest with LIBERTY ART FABRICS coaster and a glass of water

LIBERTY ART FABRICS was established by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. At Regent Street in London, he opened a small shop. The shop introduced artworks of East Asia. Hand-dyed cotton and silk fabrics got attention.

In 1920s, he invented “Tana Lawn,” a cotton material. Tana lawn has soft texture, sheen like silk, unique suppleness and rich drape.
Tana lawn built an indisputable position of LIBERTY ART FABRICS.

Top designers of Mary Quant or Yves Saint Laurent used the Liberty print for their collection.
LIBERTY ART FABRICS keeps the design, print, and skills established by Arthur Lasenby Liberty for 100 years.

Look Liberty print coaster over the clear glass

Surprisingly, LIBERTY ART FABRICS announce more than 70 patterns every year. They continue to create original beautiful patterns yet.

The wine glass markers and kimono coasters are born with a special collaboration of these two brands.
2 brands have different methods of producing. However, both of them express beautiful plants and flowers with traditional skills.
Faraway apart brands have something in common. That may be the one of the fascination of this collaborated product.

Macarons on Palace plate and champagne glasses on the Liberty coasters

Enjoy twice! Reversible design of wineglass markers and kimono coasters

The wine glass markers and coasters of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN have reversible design. One side has Kyo yuzen, and another side has LIBERTY print.

Kyo yuzen has elegant atmosphere with kinsai. Liberty print side has cute charm with small flowers. You can enjoy different faces with a wine glass marker or coaster.

Kyo yuzen side and Liberty print side of kimono coasters

The wine glass markers or kimono coasters of Kyo yuzen side are suitable for celebrating dinner. For more casual party, LIBERTY print side fits more.
Please enjoy your own use in various scenes.

Kyo yuzen side and Liberty print side of wine glass markers

Only one color and pattern combinations in the world

The kimono coasters have 4 pieces. Wine glass markers are set with 6 pieces.

The combinations of Kyo yuzen fabrics and the LIBERTY print fabrics are fixed. However, the patterns have different impressions depend on cut place from a cloth. It is impossible to put same pattern in same place of a coaster. Therefore, you can get only one set in the world.

Kimono coasters within exclusive box and its description

Also, the sets of kimono coasters or wine glass markers are balanced in colors. Every set has each piece from 6 colors; “red, blue, white, green, black, yellow.” For kimono coasters, 4 colors are set from 6 colors. Please look forward to the only one set of wine glass markers or kimono coasters.

Wine glass markers within exclusive box and its description

As the name “Aya-Special Collaboration” explains, these are the special kimono coasters or wine glass markers. Kyo yuzen side and LIBERTY print side has totally different face. Please enjoy elegant and cute atmosphere.

Have a happier home party with wineglass markers and coasters

When you have a home party, please use these wine glass markers or coasters. Usual party becomes more elegant and happier one. You and your guests can choose favorite color and favorite side of the glass markers or coasters.

Mark your glass with kinsai glass marker

When we have wine glass markers, we can distinguish our own glasses. The kinsai glass markers have a slit. You can easily put the markers to the glasses.

A woman puts wine glass marker to a champagne glass

The wine glass markers suit thin stem glasses well. Since the markers are made of fabrics, the glass markers do not damage the glasses.
To make more elegant and happier home party, the wine glass markers are necessary items.

Pale color glass markers on champagne glasses

Look the beauty of kimono coaster over the glass

When we put clear glasses on the kimono coaster, we can enjoy see-through patterns. Kinsai reflects light into the glass.
Of course, you can enjoy the beautiful coater with ceramic cups. Kyo yuzen or LIBERTY pattern makes usual cup stand out.

Look Kyo yuzen coaster over the clear glass

Wine glass markers and kimono coasters for special gifts

In the elegant exclusive box, there are beautiful and colorful kimono coasters or wineglass markers. Traditional but modern coasters or wine glass markers would be great presents. These coasters and glass markers are suitable souvenirs from Japan as well.

Especially for party lovers or champagne lovers, the kinsai coasters or glass markers are great presents.
How about sending the wine glass markers or coasters with pair glasses?

Table setting with wine glass markers and kimono coasters

Elegant exclusive box

The sets of wine glass markers and kimono coasters are within exclusive boxes. Japanese traditional paper (washi) is used for the exclusive box. Gold tooling is applied to the surface.

Exclusive box of wine glass markers of CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN

The box is fixed with brand tag of LIBERTY ART FABRICS. We can see the collaboration of traditions of Japan and UK in the exclusive box, too.
Please feel the traditions and aesthetic sense of Japan and UK from the wine glass markers or kimono coasters.

Tag of LIBERTY ART FABRICS on the exclusive box

Caring tips

  • * There is no same wine glass markers or kimono coasters. All coasters or glass markers are made of kinsai yuzen. Please enjoy different colors or patterns of coasters and glass markers.

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