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2016arita Arita porcelain Dishes

The back side of tableware can not be glazed

A nice stylish Arita porcelain dish combining beauty and ease of use

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From the Arita porcelain 400th anniversary commemorative project "2016 / (Nii Zero Ichiroku)", a collection of stunningly beautiful and stylish plates is now available. Arita porcelain in 2016 / atira was baked by Hosengama, which also manufactures tableware at 1616 / arita japan . It is a long-established pottery factory that has been offering pottery to the Nabeshima clan since the Edo period. And the tableware design of the plate is a work by Christian Haas, a Portuguese-based industrial designer who is active worldwide.

Front and back of Christian Haas tableware

Isn't it glazed? No, I didn't dare to glaze it.

The feature of this collection, which was created in collaboration with Christian Haas and Arita porcelain, is the beauty of the "glaze-free" porcelain base.
The outside of the vessel is intentionally finished without glaze in order to leave a soft and gentle porcelain feel. On the other hand, the inside of the vessel has a beautiful fragile hue, with a glossy finish in pale tone nuance pink and nuance gray. It is a very fashionable tableware that you can enjoy a gentle touch and a gentle color.

The back of the tableware is not glazed

What I want to fascinate is "simplicity and surprise"

Perhaps the first impression of this Arita porcelain tableware / plate designed by Christian Haas is "simple".
Other than the light nuance color, many people may think of it as so-called "ordinary tableware?"
But, in fact, this Christian Haas collection of fashionable plates and tableware ... has amazingly subtle details that only the person who picks it up will "notice".

The first point is "engineering and complicated geometric shapes".

This Christian Haas fashionable plate tableware series looks like round tableware at first glance, but it actually has a triangular bottom. Yes, the bottom is a triangle, drawing a gentle curve upwards and approaching a round shape. The shape that transforms from a triangle to a circle, and the famous structure, is the Sky Tree in Tokyo, which is the same as this structure.
Both triangles and circles are said to have a stable shape in nature, but there are not many designers who take the trouble to make the bottom a triangle with tableware. Because changing the form of the bottom and top is actually a difficult task. It can be said that this transforming design was possible because of the technology possessed by Christian Haas, who has gained experience as a product designer, and Arita porcelain craftsmen.
In addition, Christian Haas says he revolutionized traditional pottery techniques while working with the Hosen kiln. At the same time that the shape of the bottom is triangular, we have developed a technology to remove the "elevation" required for general tableware.
It is because this hill is removed that a soft, rounded form is realized even though it is a triangle. Then, the vessels were made to stand on their own in a stable manner, and each tableware was finished as if it were a sculpture.

Arranging multiple Christian Haas tableware

Next, the second point, "Look at the back!"

When you receive Christian Haas tableware, first turn the plate over and take a look. Then ... there is a sign on the back side ...! Moreover, the engraved symbols differ depending on the size. What does this symbol mean? In response to this question, Christian Haas said

Symbols are drawn on the bottom of all items. I wanted to add some special details, but I didn't like something that was easy to understand, as it is in Japan. I wanted to make something sophisticated, elegant, but not too fashionable.

For example, when I bought a nice jacket, the inner line was beautiful or something like that. I added fine details so that the owner could feel this little joy.

From Christian Haas

This hidden sign part is for the enjoyment of the user, quietly and in a unique decorative shape.
The fashionable plates and tableware have a simple design, but his concept of being surprised somewhere is firmly engraved on the bottom.

A symbol is also engraved on the back of the cup

Both usability and design

The Christian Haas collection offers three designs for teacups and deep plates, bowls, and two colors, pink and gray.
The tea cup is small in size, so you can use it as a teacup. You can also use it as a cup and saucer by combining it with a deep plate.
As the name suggests, the deep plate can be used as a cake plate, a famous plate, or a plate, but since it has a little depth, it can also be used for simmered dishes and spicy dishes.
The bowl is a size that can be used for salad bowls, soup plates, cereal bowls, etc. This can also be used as a soup plate and saucer in combination with a deep plate.
In addition, all the triangles on the bottom are calculated so that they can be stacked, so they can be stored stably even when stacked.
Fashionable plates and tableware are versatile because they are simple, and they can be used in both Western and Japanese styles.

For cups and saucers with tea cups and deep plates

Gift sets can also be used as gifts

In response to requests for wedding gifts and gifts, we have created an original gift set from the Japan Design Store. In addition to tea cup pairs, we also offer deep plate and bowl set products.
The combination of light pink and gray is perfect for adult-like pair goods. Rare tableware filled with "knows by those in the know" should be appreciated by those who are interested in architecture, design, art and works of art, and who are particular about things.
The gift set will be prepared in a special cosmetic box, so if you are using it for home use, please purchase it in combination.

Pair set with gift box

Who is the designer Christian Haas?

Christian Haas is a German-born industrial designer (industrial designer). His industrial design work began in Munich, Germany, and in 2007 he founded his own studio in Paris. Since 2014, we have moved to Porto, Portugal and are now active. His design activities range from lighting to furniture to interior design, with an emphasis on porcelain and glassware. Christian Haas's design features a harmony of functionality and sophisticated expression, as you can see from this collection of tableware. Prior to 2016 / arita, we collaborated with renowned brands such as cutlery maker Christofle, porcelain maker Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch, and Teresiantal.
This series of fashionable plates and tableware is said to have been greatly influenced by Japanese culture and Japanese aesthetics. In particular, inspired by the characteristics of Japan that combine "simpleness and complexity", it begins with a comparative study of Asian and European styles in table setting, and in shapes and sizes that work well in both countries. It is said to have defined a container.
Christian Haas defined this collection of tableware as unobtrusive and easy to use for everyday use, and its beauty found in unexpected geometric delicacy.

Designer Christian Haas
Desinger's photo: Kenta Hasegawa
Product's photo: Yasunori Shimomura

A comment from the owner

Following the modern Arita porcelain 1616 / arita japan (Ichiroku Ichiroku Arita Japan), the collection 2016 / (Knee Zero Ichiroku) was announced to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Arita porcelain in 2016. When 1616 / arita japan was announced, I was very surprised at the expression technique different from the conventional Arita porcelain, but when I saw this Christian Haas collection, I had never seen the "bottom of the vessel". I was very surprised at the expression method of the part.
As I mentioned in the explanation, the main attraction of this fashionable plate / tableware is the "bottom". I fell in love at first sight with this bottom part and decided to introduce it (laughs).
The matte texture without glaze, the triangular bottom, the smooth finish without hills, and the symbol that fits the shape of the bottom. It's a favorite tableware that makes you groan "Hmm !!" the more you look at the design, which is so complete that you see it for the first time.
There aren't many shops that sell it yet, so it's a gem for those who are looking for a rare wedding gift or gift.

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