Arita porcelain pale color plate and bowl

Colour porcelain series Arita ware

Colorful pale color plates and bowls from Arita porcelain

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[1616/arita japan]S&B Plates / bowls

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Colour porcelain series Arita ware

What do you imagine a “simple and colorful tableware”? Probably, most people imagine the Northern European tableware.
However, creators around the world pay attention to this brand now; 1616/arita japan. Among various series of the tableware of 1616/arita japan, S&B colour porcelain series has colorful and cute plates and bowls.
This colorful tableware was born by an encounter of 400 years’ history of Arita ware with Dutch designers Scholten and Baijings.

The designers researched and analyzed on Arita porcelain widely. Their research produced the beautiful pale color of this tableware.
This plate adopted the Japanese traditional color reinterpreted by the designers. Arita porcelain reached a new stage with new color and traditional skill.

pale color Arita porcelain

Pale color tableware relieves you

Do you know that pale color has a relaxation effect? Pale color relaxes your muscles.
Certainly, you will be relaxed by seeing this pale color plates of 1616/arita japan.
Use the colorful tableware every meal, and relieve your stress.
In addition, it is said that pale color is easy to be received by lots of people. So, this arita porcelain plates are the best tableware for serving dishes to your guests.

good breakfast with cute pale color Arita porcelain

Design to express yourself

This colour porcelain series won the Best Tableware Award at ELLE DÉCOR International Design Award in Milan, 2013.
The uniform thick of porcelain, the high skill of flat finishing, and great design of this Arita porcelain has gained attention from the people in the United States of America, or Europe.

Now, various magazines pick up the tableware of 1616/arita japan. Also, interior shops and restaurants in Japan sell or use the plates.
“Tableware is a thing to make the dish stand out, and express yourself on the table.”
You can feel this concept through the pale plates of S&B series in 1616/arita japan.

ELLE DÉCOR International Design Award

Inherited the history of 400 years’ history of Arita porcelain

1616/arita japan is a new brand of Momota Touen. Momota Touen is a general trading company of Arita porcelain. Momota Touen established 1616/arita japan to try a new design approach with inherited tradition of Arita porcelain.
The tableware of 1616/arita japan is characterized by the simple and standard form for daily use in worldwide home. Unlike usual Arita porcelain, the plates do not have high stand or gorgeous decoration.
The inherited traditional skill of craftsmen makes the uniform thinness and toughness of the plate. Everyone will be surprised to see the thinness of this Arita porcelain.

pleasant tea time with S&B series plate and bowl

Different texture of pale plates and bowls

This S&B series of 1616/arita japan has different pale color and forms.
In fact, the color nuance and texture differs even in same color.

For example, please have a look at this light blue tableware on the picture below.
As for the colors, one is equal color, one is two-tone of white and light blue, the one has gradation. As for the texture, one is mat, one has gloss.
You can enjoy different charm even in the same pale color.

different texture of same color Arita ware

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The craftsmen made finishing by air brush to make uniform color and detailed gradation.
In addition, craftsmen realized the unique color and texture by unglazed baking and detailed polish.

various colors and types of tableware

Pale color tea cup as a bowl of Arita porcelain

The tea cups of S&B series are suitable for drink a tea, café au lait, and soup.
This pale color Arita porcelain is also best size for a small bowl. You can put salad, yogurt, or cut fruits.
Enjoy colorful bowls of Japanese Arita porcelain!

tea cup as a bowl for various foods

Select your favorite color from colorful plates and bowls

We offer various colors, light pink, orange, light blue and white. Choose your favorite color best fit for your feeling.
The unique pale color of Arita porcelain decorates your dinner table gently.

Surprising detailed thinness

The inherited traditional skill of Arita porcelain makes the surprising thinness of this plate and bowl.
The pale color tea cups of 1616/arita japan do not have handle. Please be careful when you drink hot soup or tea.

four colors of tea cups

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Infinite combinations of pale color Arita ware

Pale color Arita porcelain make the color of food stand out. In addition to the combination of plates and food, you can enjoy the combination of various colors of plates. Do you want to combine the colors of similar shade, or complementary colors?

You may worry that you are not good with table coordinate. Never mind!
The S&B series has colorful plates, though, it is easy to make a stylish coordinate. Why? Because all the colors have united tone.
Also, this mellow color plate can fit not only Japanese cuisine, but also any types of dishes.
You do not have to hesitate to get various colors of Arita porcelain.

When you cannot decide the colors or sizes of this tableware, just choose your favorite one! You do not have to care about coordinate.
All plates and bowls of 1616/arita japan has both stylishness and gentle texture of handmade tableware.
You will never be tired of the Arita ware plates. Please love it for a long time.

combination of various pale colors tableware

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Synergy by coordinate various colors plates

Gentle pink and fresh light blue. Gently pale color plates relieve you.
To coordinate of colorful tableware is so much fun!
Not many people get used to use colorful plates like pink, yellow, or blue. We recommend this plates for those people.
The unique color of Arita porcelain makes it easier to use colorful tableware.
At first, let’s try a coordination of two colors.
We believe that you will find new happiness.

Put small plates and bowls on a big plate
Coordinate with small and big plates
cute dish with cute Arita ware
Relax meal time with pale color plates
put whole vegetables in a bowl
You can put whole tomato in a bowl
bread in a bowl
Bowl is the best size for distributing some bread
pink tableware of Arita porcelain
Best set for breakfast. Start a happy day with cute Arita ware

Caring tips

  • * You can use these products in microwave oven and dishwasher.
  • * Each plate or bowl has different texture since all the products is handmade by craftsmen.
  • * The difference is not a flaw. We appreciate your understanding.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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