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Japanese flower arrangement Ikebana

A life with flowers is nice. Flowers give us the sense of the seasons, good flavor, and peace of mind.

Japanese people have created unique Japanese flower arrangement “Ikebana.” People have admired the beauty of flowers since the ancient time, but ikebana was established in about 600 years ago. Priests of Rokkakudo in Kyoto started arranging flowers into imported vases from Korea or China. From this era, ikebana flowers were for not only the Buddha or God, but also as a decoration for a house. At the same time, Japanese tea ceremony was established and developed. For the room for tea ceremony, ikebana was essential. The main style of traditional ikebana is using kenzan, or needle point holder.

Nowadays, Japanese ikebana have a lot of “Ryuuha” or schools. The unique technique and beauty of ikebana have won good reputation all over the world. We believe that if you have interest in flowers or Japanese culture, you have heard about ikebana at least once.

Flower vase on the right side with beautiful flowers, and Japanese confectionery and Japanese tea on a tray

Would you like to try ikebana? You can try it!
However, we guess that you cannot get kenzan easily, and arranging flowers into kenzan seems to be difficult. Furthermore, ikebana seems to be difficult without Japanese flowers…

Then, how about using Japanese traditional flower vase? Without kenzan, flower arrangement is ikebana! You do not have to worry about the types of flowers. It is true that ancient-looking Japanese flower vases are hard to arrange flowers. However, modern but traditional flower vases are good for starting ikebana!

Therefore, we would like to recommend this modern flower vases from 1616/ arita japan.

Roses are arranged into flower vase of 1616/arita japan

Modern flower vase of Arita porcelain

This flower vase has unique presence. The form looks like a pyramid. In fact, this artwork is made of Arita porcelain. Beautiful white color is one of the features of Japanese Arita ware. These flower vases are filled with the fascination of Arita porcelain.

There are three flower vases of 1616/arita japan

Modern flower vases are made in Arita, Saga prefecture in Japan. Momota Touen, a general trading company of Arita porcelain produced a new Arita porcelain brand 1616/arita japan.
1616/arita japan have tried to suggest modern Arita porcelain though the collaboration with modern designers.

These unique flower vases were designed by Dutch designers Scholten and Baijings. The designers reinterpreted traditional colors of Arita porcelain, and produced gentle colors. Their series was named S&B “Colour Porcelain.” Simple and modern designs, and cute colors have won popularity since its release.

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings
Left: Stefan Scholten, Right: Carole Baijings

The Arita porcelain flower vases are striking products of S&B series. Unique designs and unique colorings stand out its presence.

At first sight, this flower vase is far from ikebana. However, the Arita ware flower vases are unexpectedly fit with various types of flowers and rooms. The simple design and gentle coloring make the flower vases special. Also, the Japanese porcelain flower vase has Japanese beauty. The beautiful white color and glossy glaze are the feature of Arita porcelain. So, whatever flowers you arrange into the vases, the flower arrangements have Japanese beauty somehow. Therefore, you can enjoy ikebana easily.

table coordinate with tableware of 1616/arita japan

Won International Design Awards

S&B “Colour Porcelain” series was born by a fusion of 400 years’ history of Arita porcelain and Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings. Their products are unique, stylish, and modern Japanese Arita porcelain.
This “Colour Porcelain” series won the Best Tableware Award at ELLE DÉCOR International Design Award in Milan, 2013.
The uniform thick of porcelain, the high skill of flat finishing, and great design of this Arita porcelain has gained attention from the people in the United States of America, or Europe.

Now, various magazines pick up the tableware of 1616/arita japan. Also, interior shops and restaurants in Japan sell or use the plates.

ELLE DÉCOR International Design Awards

Flower vase for ikebana, as well as an art object

Some people may say that “we do not need a flower vase if we do not have good flowers. We have to store the vases in some room until we get flowers again. We do not have such a room!” We know your feelings very well. However, these Arita porcelain flower vases are not that kind of usual vases!

Why? Because the flower vases of 1616/arita japan have good design enough to be as art object. Even without flowers, the flower vases make your rooms stylish and modern. Therefore, if you do not have flowers, please remain the vase on the table.

The modern vases remind you that the beauty of white Arita porcelain and the free style of flower vases.

There are three flower vases of 1616/arita japan

Free ikebana, free flower vase

Do you think that flower arrangement is too difficult for you? Just take one step! Of course, traditional ikebana has some rules. However, to enjoy flower arrangement is free! You can arrange your favorite flowers into your favorite vases.

With these Arita porcelain flower vases, you can make a beautiful flower ikebana easily. Since the vases themselves have good design and presence, the flower vases make flowers look more beautiful.
Start Japanese ikebana with Japanese arita porcelain flower vases!

Big bouquet can be arranged neatly with Arita porcelain flower vase.

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