Best 5 Japanese Fan for Men and Women

Japanese fans collection in Japan Design Store

Japanese Folding Fan Gives You Cool on Spring and Summer

Japanese hand fan helps you a lot in summer.
A Japanese fan gives you elegant and cool atmosphere.
Modern hand fan makes accent for your fashion.
Here, we collect best 5 Japanese fans for both men and women.

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Be cool and comfortable in hot summer day

Under strong sunlight in spring or humid day in summer, there are some people who looks always fresh and cool.
Maybe, folding fan is the secret of those people.

Just opening the Japanese fan to make an elegant fashion.
Stylish folding fan can become a part of fashion in spring and summer.
Wherever you are, you can cool yourself whenever you want to.

Watching a play, firework festival, watching sports, or other events.
“Where do I go today?”
When you think so, take your Japanese fan into your bag first.

Japan Design Store selects folding fans which are carefully produced by Japanese craftsmen. Please enjoy Japanese elegance.
Stylish hand fans have been popular gift item for both men and women.

Best 5 popular Japanese fans in Japan Design Store

  1. Recommended for using with your partner! Unisex Japanese fan

    1. [WDH] Kyo-Sensu

      Traditional Japanese fan “Kyo-Sensu” from WDH has graceful atmosphere. 45 sticks and guards make beautiful curve.
      “Kyo-Sensu” is a high-class folding fan which is made of Japanese materials centering on Kyoto and all the processes are done in Japan centering on Kyoto or Shiga. It is designated as a traditional craft. 88 processes are needed to make a Kyo-Sensu!

      Cover of this Japanese fan has unique gloss. Persimmon tannin dye makes this gloss. Swinging tassel made of “Kyo Kumihimo (braided cords)” gives accent.
      This Japanese folding fan is 7 sun (about 21cm, 8.3 inches). This size is useful for both men and women. Please use these traditional Japanese fans with your partner. It has been popular gifts as well.

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    2. [Nishikawa Shouroku shouten] Gradation fan

      “Gradation fan” from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten made the first attempt in the history of Japanese fan. Different colors of sticks express beautiful color gradients. Delicate and beautiful color provides refreshing atmosphere in summer.

      This Japanese fan is finished by craftsmen in Kyoto. On the top of the paper, there is a colored line. The color is same tone with sticks. This skill is called “Irobukin.”
      Please have a comfortable time with soft breeze by Japanese folding fan.

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  2. Recommended for Women! Cute and elegant Japanese fan

    1. [Nishikawa Shouroku shouten] Fuwari fan

      Fuwari fan from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten has cute and elegant atmosphere. Gentle pale color fan makes women look more beautiful.
      Gently rounded cover is made of “Omi Chijimi” which is a linen born in Omi. Beautiful linen makes cool texture. Soft and elegant Japanese fan suits any types of clothes in addition to kimono. When you dress up or just going out, please use Japanese hand fan anytime.

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  3. Recommended for Men! Cool and stylish Japanese fan

    1. [Nishikawa Shouroku shouten] Dai-furyo fan

      Dai-furyo fan from Nishikawa Shouroku shouten provides comfortable time for adults.

      This Japanese fan is 8 sun (about 24cm, 9.4 inches) big. Large Japanese fan is bigger than usual fan, so it has great presence. Even when you fan dynamically, you look cool. “Dai-furyo” means big wind power. As the name explains, big Japanese hand fan makes big volume of wind.
      Cover for this folding fan is tough Japanese paper. Modern Japanese fan is good for suits as well as kimono. It has been popular item for the gifts on the Father’s Day. In fact, I gave it to my father-in-law. He likes it.

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    2. [Nishikawa Shouroku shouten] Okayama denim fan

      “Denim for Japanese fan!?” everyone is surprised at this unique combination. Okayama denim fan attracts men with its unique design with playful mind.
      Okayama denim is longing item for all denim lovers in the world. For the cover of this Japanese fan, special denim is used. It is woven by shuttle loom by a denim brand “Japan Blue.” Denim lovers cannot miss this “red selvedge denim” you can find at the edge of fan.
      Denim fan suits well with casual fashion. It is recommended for denim lovers as well as who love outdoor events.

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Do you know every part of Japanese fan?

When we choose your favorite Japanese fan, we would like to know names of every parts of fan.
Main parts are cover (leaves), guards, sticks, and rivet. Rivet (kaname in Japanese) is essential part to link all sticks. In Japanese, “Ougi no kaname (rivet of fan)” means important part or essential role of a thing.

On the rivets of all Japanese fan by Nishikawa Shouroku shouten, there are rings to attach straps. You can arrange the Japanese fans with your favorite strap, key ring, or cords.

How to select best Japanese fan?

“What is the difference between fan for men and for women?” You may wonder this.
In fact, Japanese fans are not specifically designed for men or women. Here, we introduce fans for men or women depend on the size of sticks or design. Generally speaking, big fan is easy to suit for men’s hands.
All Japanese hand fans in Japan Design Store are simple and modern. They are different in size, but if you find the best one, please use it regardless of gender.

In addition to size, material of cover impresses whole design of a hand fan. In our store, we introduce Japanese fans made of paper or fabric.
As for paper hand fan, we cannot see sticks from the backside since craftsmen wrap sticks with paper from both sides. Also, paper fans become smart when it is close. The paper fan become narrower toward its top. If you like the feeling of closing fan neatly, we recommend paper hand fan for you.

On the other hand, as for fabric hand fan, we can see sticks from the backside since fabric cover is adhered to one side. However, fabric hand fans are more durable than paper hand fans. In addition, you can enjoy texture of materials or see-through atmosphere for some fabric hand fans.

Japanese fan is auspicious item! Good for gifts

Japanese fan is a symbol of increasing prosperity derives from its “Sue Hirogari (the shape of unfolded fan)” form. Japanese fan takes important role at critical junctures of life such as Omiya Mairi (take baby to shrine to pray for blessing), Shichi Go San (celebrate and wish health of children when they are 3, 5, or 7 years old), exchange betrothal gifts, wedding ceremony, one’s sixtieth birthday, or seventieth birthday. Stylish Japanese folding fans are recommended for gifts for your important people.

In our store, Japanese hand fans are especially popular for longevity gifts or retirement gifts.
Also, Japanese fans are popular gifts for the Mother’s Day or the Father’s Day. You can tell a message “enjoy hot season with cool item!”

All Japanese fans introduced in our store are within elegant paulownia box. Also, all fans are with fan porch. So, it is good for gifts.

Gift wrapping of our store for gifts

If you send Japanese fans as gifts for your important people, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We have various elegant wrapping for stylish Japanese folding fans. Mizuhiki from Iida city of Nagano prefecture adds a graceful touch to celebrating gifts. You can also choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping.

Period extended by popular demand! Special wrapping

Our “Special wrapping” are seasonal gift wrapping. Now, it is fresh light blue stripe wrapping paper. Translucent Japanese paper provides fresh atmosphere. If you choose Japanese Ume Mizuhiki option for “Special wrapping”, we put “Light blue × Silver” Mizuhiki.

 Image of Special wrapping in June

Sending gift is a good opportunity to tell your message.
Japan Design Store attaches great importance to gift wrapping to help you to send your warm message. Please choose our gift wrapping.

Light blue × Silver Ume Mizuhiki on the box

Fresh summer with stylish Japanese fan

Let’s go out with stylish Japanese fan!
Carefully produced Japanese folding fan can be used for a long time if you treasure it. Hand fan is so compact that you can bring it anywhere. When you go on a trip, shopping, or taking a walk, stylish Japanese fan is always your supporter. Just fanning yourself with beautiful fan. You can get cool and elegant atmosphere.
“This Japanese fan is indispensable item when I go out.”
We wish Japanese hand fan would be the one like this for you.
Enjoy hot season with Japanese fans!