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Wajima Kirimoto Chopsticks

Special chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto


[To the customer]
This product is no longer sold.

This is chopsticks of Wajima brand "WAJIMAKIRIMOTO". The chopsticks are items that make for a little every day of your special.
Wood being used is high quality cypress dolabrata natural wood. It has been finished in the production process "Fuki-urushi" that take advantage of the wood grain.
Long errand serving chopsticks, also recommended as a gift or a couple chopsticks.
Our buyers will tell the good points of Fuki-urushi.

Use high-quality lacquer chopsticks

Japanese people use chopsticks every day. Why not try using a high-quality lacquer chopsticks.

Please choose your favorite color from the following three colors: Ki-urushi (raw lacquer) to enjoy the texture of wood, pretty Akakuchishu (red), chic black.
As a couple chopsticks align the two colors, also it is recommended as a gift.

Luxury-to-use the cypress dolabrata natural wood

This "Fuki-urushi chopsticks" has been made using the natural cypress dolabrata local Wajima.
Wajima Kirimoto back to the origin of a wooden basis craftsman of its founding, chose the cypress dolabrata is a local material.
Wajima Kirimoto uses a material that has been allowed to settle 10-20 years for Wajima lacquerware.
By applying a time, improve the quality of the wooden base, and I have been able to use durable and long.


Lacquer chopsticks of simple design

Fuki-urushi chopsticks is to meet the simple table coordination. Therefore, it can be used in the daily meals

What is the Fuki-urushi?

Black and red glossy lacquerware that can be in the lacquer over and over again recoating is the traditional "Urushi-nuri (lacquered)".
On the other hand, painted the Ki-urushi (raw lacquer) that is transparent to the wooden base and repeat the task of wiping with a cloth, and the technique to finish by taking advantage of the grain called "Fuki-urushi (wipe lacquer)".
To finish beautifully Fuki-urushi, it requires experience and knowledge.


Effect of Urushi (lacquer)

  1. There is a high antibacterial activity in the lacquer

    Traditional materials, lacquer of Japan. Do you know that there is a high antibacterial activity in the lacquer.
    You might imagine the chemicals and additives from the "antibacterial", but in fact the lacquer of 100% natural has antibacterial action.
    In the experiment of Kanazawa Institute of Technology environment and the Faculty of Architecture, it has been demonstrated that there is an excellent antibacterial effect in lacquer.
    Lacquer has been said that there is a preservative-insect repellent effect for a long time. Results were compared with the material used in modern life such as plastic resin, significant effects of lacquer has been confirmed.

  2. Lacquered chopsticks safety and security

    By antibacterial action of the lacquer it has been scientifically proven・Tableware for child care that small children use
    ・Tableware for the elderly
    ・Tableware to be used in schools and hospitals
    Proactively efforts to take advantage of the lacquerware in various fields has begun in lacquerware production areas.
    Why not use the beautiful lacquered chopsticks in everyday life?


Easy to hold because of the oval form

WAJIMAKIRIMOTO Fuki-urushi chopsticks are generally rare oval.
Oval chopsticks was mainstream until a few years ago. From the fact that going to cut to the oval by craftsmen, it was very time-consuming work.
for labor and time-consuming, the production was interrupted once.
However, from the strong local demand for oval chopsticks, it revived again manufacturing oval chopsticks.
Ergonomically easy to hold, chopsticks to adapt to the hand. If you grab the chopsticks, flat part of chopsticks will become stable to support.


Along with the "Asunaro lunch box" of WAJIMAKIRIMOTO

Fuki-urushi chopsticks, perfect for lunch boxes of the same WAJIMAKIRIMOTO. Length of chopsticks is the same as the "WAJIMAKIRIMOTO Asunaro lunch box."Put the chopsticks to chopstick case and chopsticks bag along with the lunch box, please enjoy the lunch time.

A lunch box and chopsticks in the set, it is also recommended as a gift to those who start a new life.


Long-established Kirimoto Family of Wajima. Challenge of WAJIMAKIRIMOTO

"Wajima Kirimoto" is the brand that Kirimoto Family was launched in the wake of the opening of the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi of 2004.Kirimoto is, more than from the late Edo period year about 200, has been involved in the work of wood and lacquer for seven generations.

During Meiji from the late Edo period, Kirimoto had engaged in the Wajima lacquerware production and sales.
Founder Hisayuki was founded a wooden base business at the beginning of the Showa. From the late 1955's, the second owner Shunbei began production of special lacquer wooden base and furniture.
Third owner Yasuichi studied product design, after working in the office planning at the company, homecoming to Wajima. The four-and-a-half years to disciple training, while the management assistant of representatives Shunbei, modeling proposal from the wooden base industry, design proposals, and began such as lacquerware supervision.
And, Kirimoto was founded a comprehensive creative workshop that combined brand name "WAJIMAKIRIMOTO" the studio name "Kirimoto Wooden Craft Workshop" in the wake of the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi head office opened in 2004.

In recent years, Kirimoto has opened shops in Mitsukoshi and Living Design Center OZONE 4 floor monova Nihonbashi.
Its technology and design is recognized, there are a number of products which won the Good Design Award.

In addition, Kirimoto is beyond the genre and country while inheriting the tradition, it has collaborated with such as Japanese sweets manufacturer and global brands.
With the aim that the wood and lacquer is routinely used, Kirimoto has challenged the various possibilities.


Outstanding technical capabilities of WAJIMAKIRIMOTO

Lacquer is enough to be expressed as "JAPAN" abroad, it is a traditional craft that represents Japan.
"Wajima" has been popular since ancient times as the finest daily tool.
Charm of WAJIMAKIRIMOTO lacquer products, is a technology of the "paint".
Craftsmen also repeated recoating lacquer carefully many times, there is a soft texture and elegant luster.
The technology is not only the vessel and accessories, has been utilized also to interior building materials and order furniture.

The handmade by the lacquer craftsman

WAJIMAKIRIMOTO product has been carefully handmade by craftsmen.
Function and design is thought to be as longevity according to the modern lifestyle.
Carefully lacquer painted chopsticks, you can realize a unique texture that cannot be felt in the machinery products and plastics.
Lovely chopsticks perfect gift.



  • 2007 Good Design Award products design department "lacquer business card holder"
  • 2006 Good Design Award products design department "Kofukusara series"
  • 2003 Ishikawa TOYP Award
  • 2001 Ishikawa Design Award
  • 2000 Good Design Award New Frontier Design department "gallery Waichi"

Beautiful Japanese lacquer chopsticks

While a traditional craft of Japan, is the chopsticks that can be used to casual. It is a simple design, noteworthy is the elegant finish and shape of an ellipse.
Oval shape is easy to hold, and moderately fit the hand.
Because it is a little small chopsticks to meet lunch box, it is also recommended as chopsticks for children.

Caring tips

  • * After using this product, in the same way as typical dishes, please wash with mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge.
    This product is made of natural wood. Avoid using the dishwasher, dryer, microwave oven. There is a possibility of damaging the product.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

Personalize gift service

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* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
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