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Wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon of Sunao Lab

Wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon wishes happiness for babies

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First spoon with a wish for baby

Mukuri spoon of Sunao Lab is a best first spoon for babies.
Mukuri spoon is a simple and elegant wooden baby spoon. The wooden baby spoons are designed for babies who start eating baby food.

In Europe, it has been said that “being born with a silver spoon on his / her mouth will be happy.”
From this tradition, Japanese people send wooden baby spoons for the first spoon. Wood has more warmth and familiar with Japanese people.
As the celebration of a birth for your family or friends, this wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon is suitable.

A baby is using wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon
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The form of wooden baby spoons was born from the thought of designer

Mukuri spoon of Sunao Lab is characterized by the carved form for babies and smooth texture of wood.
Babies grab the wooden baby spoons and eat with it. So, the shape of wooden baby spoons is like a boomerang.

The designer of Mukuri spoon is a father of three children. He realized the thought of parents: “baby utensils should be safe and usable.”
In the life with his small children, his idea came upon, and he made the idea into this form.

He listened to the opinions from his children and customers. The wooden baby spoons were completed by the best form, material and skill of craftsmen.

Wooden baby spoon is easy to handle for babies

Mukuri spoon is easy to use and safe

Babies drop meals and try to swallow spoons. Baby utensils should be easy to use and safe.
Wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon is made of wood, so, it is light and tough. In addition, wood has less thermal conductivity. Wooden baby spoons are suitable for the first cutlery for babies.

The handle of Mukuri spoon is rounded so that babies do not hit the back of the throat. As compared to straight handle, boomerang-form spoon is hard to be swallowed to the back of the throat of babies.
Furthermore, you can stand the wooden baby spoons when you do not use it. It is very hygienic.

The name of “Mukuri” comes from a Japanese word “Mukuri.” Mukuri express the state that people suddenly sit up. When we put the wooden baby spoons, they look like the spoon sit up. From this humorous figure, this wooden baby spoon is named “Mukuri spoon.”

Mukuri spoon can stand by themselves

2 kinds of high-quality wood

You can choose the wood materials from two kinds; “maple” and “cherry.”
Maple has gentle and smooth texture. Cherry changes its color into amber as you use it.
Both woods are solid and tough, so, they are often used in high-grade furniture.

Japanese craftsmen produce Mukuri spoon one by one with their hands.
The craftsmen shave the products from solid natural wood, and polish it smoothly. Then, the craftsmen finish up the product with original beeswax made of natural material. Therefore, babies can use wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon at ease.

2 kinds of wood of wooden baby spoon Mukuri spoon

Baby spoon? Adults can use as well!

When you imagine the baby spoon, you may imagine too cute and childish spoon. However, these wooden baby spoons are so simple that adults can use as well.
When the baby gets grow, child or adults can use Mukuri spoon as spoon for ice cream or jam.

Small children nurture their sensitivity from the things they touch and see every day.
We wish that babies will touch good quality things since they are small, and refine their sensitivity.

The good quality things satisfy adults even it is for babies.

Wooden baby spoon “Maple” and espresso cup of 1616 arita japan

Won the 15th Fukuoka Design Award

“Fukuoka Design Award” is a comprehensive design award sponsored by Fukuoka prefecture and Fukuoka Design Association.
This award will be awarded to the products in Fukuoka prefecture which have marketability, originality, and good design.

Usable design of wooden baby spoons for babies
Mukuri spoon is best size and form for babies. Babies can eat meals by themselves.
The back side of wooden baby spoons
Babies will like the simple but cute design.
Beautiful texture of wood of Mukuri spoon
Craftsmen finish up this smooth touch of wooden baby spoons. Wooden tableware changes their taste as time passes.
Simple design of Mukuri spoon
Adults can use this natural wooden tableware as the spoon for jam or butter.
Unique design and high-quality material of wooden baby spoons
Among various wooden baby spoons, Mukuri spoon has unique design with high-quality material.
Cute package of wooden baby spoons of Sunao Lab
The package of Mukuri spoon is like the form of spoon. We are happy to wrap it up for gifts.

Caring tips

  • * Target age is from 8 months.
  • * Please note that the color or the grain of wood may be different from the pictures. All the products are made of natural wood.
  • * To keep the beauty of wood, the product use natural beeswax.
  • * Wash with soft sponge with ph.-balanced detergent after use.
  • * Please avoid using the product in dishwasher and dish dryer.
  • * Please avoid using the product in microwave oven.
  • * Please read the attached introduction for use.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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