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Smoked food on clay pot smoker Ibushigin

Cook smoked food easily at home! Clay pot smoker Ibushigin

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Happy drink party at home with smoked food

“I like cooking smoked food on weekends.”
Don’t you have such a male friend?

When we imagine food smoking, most people imagine BBQ smoking or clay pot smoker outside home.
In fact, there is a home clay pot smoker.
It is “Ibushigin”, a donabe clay pot smoker.
Ibushigin is brother of donabe rice cooker “Kamado-san.”

Cook smoked food with home smoker Ibushigin

Great points of clay pot smoker Ibushigin from Nagatani-en

  • ・Easy! Everyone can start smoking food soon
  • ・Can cook smoked food over gas stove inside house
  • ・Do not emit smoke or smell outside. Safe and delicious!

On holidays, enjoy beer and homemade smoked food. How about starting a smoked food life?
Enjoy drinking and waiting for the cooked food. What a wonderful time!
With your family, friends, or just for you, home clay pot smoker provides special time.

Home smoker Ibushigin and food for smoking

Home smoker Ibushigin would be great gifts for beer lover, whiskey lover, or any kind of alcohol lovers. Also, easy smoker would be wonderful presents for the Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Hate troublesome work? Use easy home smoker Ibushigin!

Have you ever used clay pot smoker?
Have you ever seen such a useful donabe pot?
Many people have interest in homemade smoked food. However, few look for donabe pot as a smoker.
But, clay pot smoker Ibushigin can cook smoked food easily!

A woman puts food on clay pot smoker and close lid

Home smoker Ibushigin from Nagatani-en is specially made for smoking.
Therefore, smoking beginner can cook delicious smoked food by following instructions (Instruction card is written in Japanese).
Even an expert of food smoking will be surprised at easiness and usefulness of clay pot smoker.

Have you never used donabe pot? Do not worry. You do not have to season (Medome) Ibushigin clay pot unlike other donabe. When you get the clay smoker, you can start smoking!

A woman is reading introductions of clay pot smoker Ibushigin

All you have to care for clay pot smoker is these two.
・Do not heat clay pot when its bottom is wet.
・Do not cool hot clay smoker rapidly.

Overturn common sense of smoker! Clay pot smoker Ibushigin

Smoking enthusiast pay attention to home clay smoker Ibushigin from Nagatani-en.
It is surprising that a donabe pot can be a smoker. Moreover, there are a lot of great features of Ibushigin.

  1. Cook smoked food in a short time! Power of clay pot smoker

    Effect of far-infrared rays of donabe pot makes it possible to cook smoked food in a short time.
    Home smoker “Ibushigin” from Nagatani-en can cook smoked food for about 10 minutes! During you enjoy drinking, or preparing other snacks, the clay pot smoker cooks delicious smoked food.

    You do not need electrical smoker or large smoker pot any more.
    In addition, you just need heat the pot for 5 minutes. After heating, remaining heat cook smoked food. So, it is good for your purse.

    Home smoker is ready to smoke food

    A user of this clay pot smoker says, “since the pot cooks in a short time, we can enjoy eating while the pot cooking next smoked food.”
    Cook, eat, drink, and cook, eat, drink…
    Please enjoy a happy time.

  2. Do not emit smoke! Delicious and pleasant smell smoked food inside house

    A smoker needs a lot of troublesome work and large room.
    “Food smoking emits strong smell, so I should cook it outside house.” It is the common sense of smoking. However, clay pot smoker Ibushigin overturn this common sense.

    Put food on net of clay pot smoker

    The secret of not emitting smoke is sealing effect by water. Between the pot and lid, we pour water to seal smoke inside clay pot.
    You can enjoy food smoking in your apartment or house. Smoke sensor does not alert while you enjoy smoking.

    Also, we can cook the home smoker over gas stove. So, we do not need a large room.

    Home smoker Ibushigin
  3. Stylish design suits dinner table

    Please pay attention to the design, in addition to its great function of this home clay pot smoker Ibushigin.
    Ibushigin has cute rounded form. The gloss of amber glaze attracts us.

    Clay pot smoker Ibushigin on a ceramic pot mat

    Home smoker Ibushigin is a compact clay pot. We can store it in a cupboard. We do not need to store it in a garage like BBQ grill. Of course, clay pot smoker can be a cute home decor on the kitchen counter.

    Clay pot smoker Ibushigin overturn the common sense of smoker. We can use the smoker on the dinner table with portable stove. Everyone can enjoy cooking smoked food.
    Ibushigin is a stylish home smoker surrounded by people waiting for smoked food.

    Heating clay pot smoker Ibushigin

Easy! How to cook smoked food with donabe smoker Ibushigin

The most attractive point of Ibushigin is its easiness to cook smoked food.
Home smoker Ibushigin has description with recipe (only in Japanese).
How to cook basic smoked food is introduced with some pictures.

Recipe in introduction of clay pot smoker

How to cook smoked food

  1. Set wood chips and aluminum foil

    First, cut and spread aluminum foil in appropriate size for the bottom of clay pot. Put cherry wood chips making a circle.
    Home smoker Ibushigin set includes 100g of cherry wood chips. A handful of wood chips is needed for one smoking. For this clay pot smoker, we use about 3g of wood chips.

    Set wood chips on aluminum foil at the bottom of home smoker

    Next, put an aluminum foil plate above the wood chips. The plate will catch oil or water of food. Make a foil plate like this….

    A woman is making an aluminum foil plate

    And set it above the wood chips. Make sure that smoke has some routes to go up. Then, set smaller net above the foil plate.

    A woman is setting net above aluminum foil plate
  2. Set food on net

    Home smoker pot Ibushigin set has 2 nets (120mm and 129mm in diameter). The bottom level gets higher temperature. So, set thick food on the bottom level. To make food cooked through, cut all food into bite-size.

    A woman is putting sausage and bacon on net

    After setting food on bottom level, set net on the upper level. Put easily-cooked food such as vegetables, cheese, or egg.

    A woman is putting vegetables and cheese on net on upper level
  3. Cook over high heat (4~5 minutes)

    Without lid, set the clay pot smoker on the gas stove. Cook it over high heat.
    * Do not fire wood chips directly.

    Heating home smoker with food
  4. Put lid, pour water into ditch and continue heating (3~4 minutes)

    When smoke comes from wood chips, put lid on the clay pot smoker. Pour water into ditch between lid and pot. In this way, smoke is sealed completely to smoke food.

    Pouring water into ditch between lid and clay pot smoker
    * For better pouring, get water along with the roundness of lid.
  5. Stop heating and cook with remaining heat (3~4 minutes)

    By the thermal storage and far-infrared rays, clay pot smoker smoke food slowly.

    Smoking inside the clay pot smoker
  6. That’s it!

    Now, smoked food is cooked! Let’s eat delicious smoked food.

    Open the lid to see smoked food in home smoker

The way in description is just a basic use. Please arrange using in your favorite taste.

Various smoked food! Cook more than smoked food!?

Well, what do you cook with clay pot smoker?
Handmade smoked food has special taste. One of our staff that does not like commercially-available smoked food said, “it’s delicious!” to handmade smoked food.
The numbers of food broaden the possibilities of food smoking.

Standard food for smoking is bacon. Pickle pork with salt and smoke the meat. We recommend quail eggs and cheese. Cheese easily melts by smoking. So, when you put cheese on net, we recommend placing aluminum foil under cheese.
As for meat, any kind of meat is okay such as beef, pork, chicken. If you use sausage, you do not need preliminary seasoning.

Home smoker pot surrounded with smoked food

For home smoker Ibushigin, we also recommend fish and shellfish such as octopus, shrimp, oyster, scallop, salmon, or dried fish.
Watery fish and shellfish is better to wipe water before smoking.
In addition, vegetables, mushrooms, or nuts are good for smoking.
Smoked bacon wrapped asparagus is easy and very delicious.
How about cooking salad or pasta with smoked chicken?

Smoked octopus and asparagus on net of home smoker

Clay pot smoker Ibushigin is a rare donabe that can be boiled dry. Therefore, you can cook more than smoked food. We recommend roasted food for home smoker. Baked sweet potatoes or roasted pork are especially recommended.

Start as soon as arrival! Contents of clay pot smoker set

From the day you receive clay pot smoker set, you can start smoking. When you receive the box, you may feel it’s heavier than expected. The reason is some attached items for the set.
Let us introduce the contents of Ibushigin smoker set.

Contents of Ibushigin mini set from Nagatani-en

Contents of “Ibushigin mini” set of Nagatani-en

  • ・Clay pot smoker Ibushigin (mini) x1
  • ・Net for 2 levels (made of stainless)
  • ・Cherry wood chips 100g
  • ・Ceramic pot mat x1

Stylish ceramic pot mat is made of pottery clay in Iga city. Please use it as pot mat. Cherry wood chips has grate smell. So, it is good with strong-taste food such as processed cheese or meat.
If you use all the wood chips, you can get wood chips in home center. In addition to cherry, there are various wood chips such as hickory, oak, walnut or cypress. Let’s compare the taste by different wood chips.

What is Nagatani-en?

“Dinner table is a forum of playing.”
This is the concept of Nagatani-en.
Nagatani-en is in Iga city of Mie prefecture. It opened its kiln in 1832. Nagatani-en has inherited the traditional skill of Iga pottery and continued to produce next potteries to fit modern lifestyle.

“Creator should be a real user.” Under this spirit, Nagatani-en propose products that make Japanese food culture richer.

Professional chefs use it! Fascination of donabe of Iga

Clay pot smoker Ibushigin is Iga ware.
Iga city of Mie prefecture was the bottom of Lake Biwa in ancient times. The pottery clay from a stratum called “Kobiwako-sou” is characterized by its high fire resistance. Since 17th century, donabe pot or dobin teapot has been produced with Iga pottery clay.

Kobiwako-sou includes a lot of corpses of plants or living creatures. When the clay is burned, the corpses are burnt away and become porous. Donabe pot made of porous clay stores heat firmly. Therefore, it can heat food well.

Cooked food on clay pot smoker

In addition, Iga pottery clay has far-infrared effect. High thermal storage effect and far-infrared effect extract the umami of food.
Donabe pot of Iga ware has been loved by professional chefs. Clay pot smoker Ibushigin is one of the Iga ware.

Smoked cheese and octopus on home smoker

For your long use

Home smoker Ibushigin is a cute donabe pot.
For your long use of it, there are some caring points.

When you heat clay pot smoker over open fire, make sure the bottom of pot is dry. If you heat the pot with wet bottom, it becomes the cause of crack. Also, do not cool hot donabe pot rapidly.
Clay pot smoker Ibushigin cannot be used over induction cooktop. Please do not cook fried food to avoid fire.

Bottom of clay pot smoker Ibushigin

Home smoker Ibushigin is made of porous pottery clay. If you put the pot directly on the table or drag the pot on the table, it may damage the table. When you put the donabe pot on the table, please use ceramic pot mat.

Home smoker on ceramic pot mat

Just heated clay pot smoker is extremely hot. Please be careful with getting burnt. When you move the pot, please use kitchen mitten or thick kitchen towel.

If you use gas stove with sensor, the fire becomes weak or go out by the sensor work against hot donabe pot. In that case, please use “off sensor” or “high-heat mode”.

Great gifts for the Father’s Day or for your husband

How about sending clay pot smoker for your father or husband as the Father’s Day gift or birthday gifts?

The item that colors dinner table make a wonderful time with family or friends. Home smoker Ibushigin can make the recipients and their family smile as well.

Smoked food and clay pot smoker on dinner table

Clay pot smoker can cook smoked food easily and be cleaned easily.
Stylish donabe pot would be great gifts for your boss or cooking lovers.
You can invite people “let’s have a smoked food party!”

Smoked food and home smoker

Important gift? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send clay pot smoker for your important person, please get it through Japan Design Store.
We have various gift wrapping. For wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or return gifts, we offer Japanese traditional wrapping Noshi.
Cute Japanese Ume-Mizuhiki has been popular as a Japanese modern gift wrapping.

Japan Design Store ships all around the world.

Customers’ voice

  • Satisfied with my shopping!

    I have tried smoked food with oven range. Since I started to use clay pot smoker Ibushigin, I have satisfied with the quality of smoked food. It is very easy. Now, my husband is hooked on smoking more than me.

  • Bought it for the Father’s Day gift

    I sent it for my father who likes drink. I feel the time with my family become livelier. My father looks happy with trying various smoked food. Home smoker pot may be great gifts for my boss as well.

  • Moved by homemade smoked food!

    I like smoked food, but care about smoke. Handmade smoked food was the pleasure once a year at riverside BBQ. But with clay pot smoker, I can enjoy smoking in my home! The smell of smoke is not zero, but I do not care about it if I use the pot in my house. Just cooked smoked food accelerate the cups of beer.

For your use at ease

  • * You can see fine cracks on the surface of clay pot smoker Ibushigin. It is called Kannyu. Kannyu is a crack naturally gets in the glazed part. Kannyu does not cause any trouble in using. Please use home smoker at ease.

Caring tips

  • * NOT induction cooktop and dishwasher safe. Please enjoy smoking over gas stove.
  • * CANNOT cook fried food.
  • * When you heat donabe pot over open fire, make sure the bottom of pot is dry.
  • * Please do not cool rapidly or soak the hot pot into water.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.
  • * If you use gas stove with sensor, the fire becomes weak or go out by the sensor work against hot donabe pot. In that case, please use “off sensor” or “high-heat mode”.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.


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