Recently, chopstick rests or chopstick holders have been popular as wedding gifts.

Just like mamezara (tiny plates,) chostick rests are "cute, small, need a small room, and useful." That may be the reason for its popularity.


Why people send chopstick holders as gift?

In Japan, some gift items have meanings.

For example, chopsticks have been popular gift item.

There are some reasons why chopsticks are good for presents.


First, chopsticks are called "hashi" in Japanese. Bridge is also "hashi."

We use different kanji for chopsticks (箸) and bridge (橋).

A bridge can chain people in far away places. So, we wish chopsticks chain a person and another person like a bridge.


Also, we always use pair chopsticks. We cannot use a chopstick solely.

A pair of chopsticks  reminds us a couple.  Therefore, we send chopsticks as wedding gifts.


Then, how about the reasons of sending chopstick holders?

One of our staff asked me this question the other day.

So this time, I would like to introduce the reasons of sending chopstick holders as gifts.



Chopstick rests have auspicious meanings

In fact, unlike chopsticks, chopstick holders do not have any meaning as gifts.

Chopstick rests have been sent as a set with chopsticks.


However, chopstick holders become more and more various now.

In addition to a function of rest for chopsticks, chopstick holders are now very cute and stylish.

So, people start to send auspicious chopstick holders to celebrate someone.


For instance, chopstick holders "Knot (Musubi)" and cutlery rest "Lucky motif (Kissho-mon)" of Nousaku have been popular as gifts.

All these chopstick rests and cutlery rests have auspicious meanings.

The forms come from auspicious motifs.



This is chopstick holders "knot (Musubi)."

The unique design of this chopstick rests come from Mizuhiki. Mizuhiki is a paper strings. Japanese people use Mizuhiki for the wrapping of formal celebration.


The form of each knot has a different meaning.


From left to right,

"Niju-Kanou-Musubi" : Make your wish comes true

"Kame-Musubi" : Lasts your happy for a long time

"Ume-Musubi" : Drive out evils

"Musubi-dome" : Once and never ever (for marriage)

"Awaji-Musubi" : Never separated

See more details of the chopstick holders "knot (Musubi)" from here.

Cute Japanese chopstick rests have stories

This is cutlery holders "Lucky motif (Kissho-mon)."


From left to right,

"Gourd (Hyoutan)" : Prosperity and harmony

"Seigaiha (Wave)" : Infinite expanse

"Ume (Plum)" : Tidy and wisdom

"Kikko (Tortoiseshell)" : Longevity, fulfillment in love, happy marriage

"Nanten (Nandina)" : Turn dificulties into blessing


Detailed traditional patterns are expressed in small rectangle of 9cm × 3.5cm.


See more details of the cutlery rest "Lucky motif (Kissho-mon)" from here.

It is new to shape by yourself! Congratulations Resting kissho pattern.



Now, can you get some gift ideas for wedding gifts?

We have various chopstick holders.

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Japanese chopstick rests are recommended gifts!


Cutlery rest and chopstick holders of Nousaku have English descriptions.

It also explains the auspicious meaning of the product.

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