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Natural children’s xylophone sounds for babies and families

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[Oak Village]Forest musical choir

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For babies and parents! Gentle sound of children’s xylophone

Oak Village offers unique children’s xylophone; “Forest musical choir” and “Small forest musical choir.”

The children’s xylophone is made of Japanese solid natural wood. At the moment of opening the kraft box, exciting time begins for children and adults.
Children absorb all information from their eyes and ears through their babyhood and childhood. The babyhood and childhood is important learning time for children.

For their important time, toys have significant roles. How about sending special toys for your children? Even the children cannot speak well, they can make happy sound with children’s xylophone. So, “Forest musical choir” of Oak Village is a recommended item for babies’ gifts.

Let us introduce 3 reasons why the children’s xylophone of Oak Village is special.

  1. Beauty of Japanese wood

    White, red, green, black…
    The colors of children’s xylophone are the original colors of lumbers. Each lumber has each color and wood grain.

    “Forest musical choir” of Oak Village is a wooden toy with natural colors and grains of Japanese woods. The woods vary Japanese oak, horse chestnut, birch, cypress, bead, cherry, amur cork, beech, maple, etc. We can enjoy the beauty of Japanese woods.

    Each wooden bar is put the name of wood in Japanese. From the babyhood, children can feel the beauty of nature by touching various woods.
    The children’s xylophone itself has very simple design. It consists of squares and circles.

    A guide book of trees “Forest museum” is attached to the “Forest musical choir” and “Small forest musical choir” of Oak Village. The guide book is written in Japanese only, though, you can find the pictures of various Japanese woods. How about searching the woods of the children’s xylophone in the forest with your children? Please feel the beauty of Japanese wood in the forest, too.

    A woman is hanging the children’s xylophone of Oak Village
  2. Beauty of sound

    When you play the children’s xylophone, the wooden toy makes gentle and comfortable sound.

    By the way, did you notice the difference between the children’s xylophone of Oak village and usual xylophone?
    Usually, xylophone makes the scale by different length of wooden bars. However, the children’s xylophone of Oak Village has the same length wooden bars!

    This is a unique and mysterious xylophone. In fact, the scale was made by the difference of woods. Music played by this children’s xylophone is like musical choir by forest. That is why this children’s xylophone is the name of “Forest musical choir.”

    Xylophone sticks of this children’s xylophone have big and small wooden balls at the both ends. Children can enjoy the difference of the volume of sound. This is a small xylophone. However, the beauty of sound is as same as the large xylophone. Craftsmen carefully produce each wooden bar. Craftsmen check sound, and shave the backside of wooden bars to tune the xylophone.

    A woman is making sound with children’s xylophone

    “Forest musical choir” consists of 8 wooden bars of “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C).” You can play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or any other songs. This wooden toy has perfect scale. So, children can train rhythmical sense and sense of pitch.

    “Small forest musical choir” has two types, “Celtic tune” and “Okinawan tune.”
    “Celtic tune” consists of 6 wooden bars; “Do, Re, Mi, So, La, Do (C, D, E, G, A, C).” Many Japanese children’s songs or folk songs use this scale. With the children’s xylophone of “Celtic tune,” you can play Japanese traditional songs like “Sakura Sakura.”

    “Okinawan tune” consists of 6 wooden bars, too. But the scale is different. The wooden bars consist of “Do, Mi, Fa, So, Ti, Do (C, E, F, G, B, C).” Okinawan tune is used in Okinawa prefecture, Yoron Island, and Okinoerabu Island. Every sound you make can sound Okinawan happy music. How about having Okinawan dance party with the music of your children?

    When your children are small, please play the children’s xylophone for your babies. Babies can enjoy the music. Babies may be interested in playing music by themselves. When children are small, they are just happy to make sound by hitting tables or floor. From babyhood, children’s xylophone is best wooden toy.

    Introductions on the children’s xylophone
  3. Safe wooden toy

    For babies, the most important thing is safety.
    The children’s xylophone of Oak Village is made of safe material and procedure. Babies can touch and lick the wooden toy.

    This children’s xylophone is made of solid natural wood from Japanese forest. Solid natural wood is the genuine wood, not a plywood or glued laminated wood. The lumbers do not include excess adhesive.

    In addition, the children’s xylophone and xylophone stick is not painted. Have you ever touched the no-painted lumber? You can touch the real texture of wood by this children’s xylophone. Craftsmen shave and smooth the wooden bars so that they can make the most use of the fascination of woods.

    Solid natural wood is easy to be influenced by temperature and moisture. Therefore, the wood may expand and contrast slightly depends on the season or days. The scale may change a little.

    Furthermore, processing is carefully done for children’ s safety. The children’s xylophone does not have sharp-pointed place. The rounded design and craftsmen’s shaving make this safe children’s xylophone. The craftsmen shave the all corners of each part.

    Moreover, the children’s xylophone itself has stable design. So, children can enjoy playing on the floor or table.

    What’s more, any metal parts are not used in the connection of parts. Even babies lick the xylophone, parents do not have to worry about safety.

    Close-up of xylophone and xylophone stick

Won Good Toy Awards! Reliable record

Children learn and develop the will to live through playing.
Playful mind enriches our life. That is true for adults, too.

“Skill of play” means the skill of feeling, seeing, listening, communication, and dreaming.
“Good Toy Awards” will be awarded to wonderful toys which can help developing “skill of play.”

“Forest musical choir” won the Good Toy Award in 2009, and “Small forest musical choir (Okinawan tune)” won it in 2012. The children’s xylophone of Oak Village is a reliable toy. A baby can play it by himself / herself, and play with friends. Of course, parents and children can play it together.

The children’s xylophone of Oak Village has been popular item for the celebration of birth or children’s birthday presents. Since this xylophone is natural color, this is suitable for boys and girls.

Not only eyes and ears, but also all five sense of children will be stimulated by the children’s xylophone of Oak Village. The gentle flavor of wood or different texture and taste of wood. With his / her five sense, children can play and learn the world. “Forest musical choir” is the suitable wooden toy for the development of children’s five sense. Please feel the quality of this Japanese wooden toy.

Oak Village lives with Japanese forest

Oak Village pursue the manufacturing of Japanese woods. Their products vary from a bookmark to house.

Japan has been a forest country. The kinds of wood lumber depend on the use. For building materials of house, light and strong conifer wood, such as Japanese cedar or cypress is suitable. For furniture, hard broad-leaved tree is better. Japanese land has various climate. High or low temperature, humid or dry… Different climate grow different woods.

Japanese manufacturing of wood is characterized by the production with making use of the perspectives of woods. Oak Village uses appropriate woods from 30 kinds of woods. They keep the spirit of Japanese wooden manufacturing.

Logo of Oak Village of the children’s xylophone

“Turning a 100-year-old tree into Products that last 100 years”

This is the principle of Oak Village. The children’s xylophone of Oak Village does not end when a child finish playing the xylophone. When the child become a parent, new baby can play the natural children’s xylophone. And it will be inherited to the next generation. High-quality wooden toy can be inherited for 100 years.

As we mentioned before, the children’s xylophone of Oak Village does not include any metal parts. Once the model number of metal parts finish the production, it is hard to get the parts. Therefore, it become hard to get the toy repaired.

Since they do not include any metal parts, the wooden toys of Oak Village can be repaired many times. They can produce the masterpieces which can be loved for a long time.

The most important thing is the safety for babies. Since the children’s xylophone has no metal parts, babies can lick the toy at ease.

For celebration of a birth, or children’s birthday gifts

“Forest musical choir” and “Small forest musical choir” are suitable items for celebration of a birth regardless of the sex of babies. Also, it is best item for the birthday gifts for children’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd birthday.

Children’s xylophone of Oak Village stimulates the five sense of children. So, this wooden toy has got attention as an educational toy. Since the children’s xylophone is made of safe material and right scale, children can play it from babyhood to about 6 years old. Someday, your children play the music they learned at elementary school for you with the children’s xylophone!

“Small forest musical choir” has strong string for hanging. You can bring the xylophone to the park easily. Also, the small xylophone can be unique doorbell near the doors in your house. When children do not play the xylophone, just hang it on the wall. Natural xylophone becomes stylish interior. At the bottom of the children’s xylophone, there are small grooves for putting xylophone stick. The grooves are cut diagonally. So, even the xylophone is hung, the stick does not fall down.

The children’s xylophone of Oak Village stimulates the development of babies and the communication of families. How about joining Japanese unique xylophone into your family?

Front of the 'Small forest musical choir'

Customer’s voice

  • Cute atmosphere of wood

    Anyway, the wooden atmosphere is so cute! I bought it as a celebration of a birth of my friend. I thought that the children’s xylophone can be interior as well. My friend and her son liked it!

  • For the 1st birthday gift

    I bought it as my child’s first birthday gift. Isn’t it rare that the xylophone with Okinawan tune? The warmth of wood is wonderful.

  • Great sound!

    This is my second purchase of this product. This time, for my friend’s child. The sound of xylophone is so beautiful. Also, the various wood grains are elegant. I can feel the great work of handwork.

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