Hi, everyone!

These days, it has been gloomy rain.

Then, let's find a little happiness around us!

Today, I found a lot of small flowers fragrant olive on my way to the company.

It was so beautiful.


Also, a good news of friends or families is happy news for us, too.

In our store, we are happy to get many orders for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or new baby gifts.


By the way, don't you have an impression that "Japan Design Store = A tableware shop"?

It's true that most of our items are tableware.

In fact, we also have wooden toy the most suitable item for the new baby gifts!



Today, we would like to introduce wooden toys in our store.


Good quality for babies! Made in Japan wooden toys!

1.Wooden rattles "Anomatopee"

These are "Anomatopee" from Oak Village.

All items and parts are made of solid natural wood from Japan.

Also, no paintings are applied.

Solid natural wood is the genuine wood, not a plywood or glued laminated wood. It does not include excessive adhesives.

All rattles are designed to stimulate the five sense of babies, and help the growth of them.


2.Wooden building blocks

Next, the standard toy for babies, building blocks.

Oak Village offers 3 types of building blocks.

Wood blocks in a box

Wood blocks of the Forest animals

Wood blocks of Marine life

Each piece of "Wood blocks in a box" has the name of wood.  Also, a guide book of trees “Forest museum” is attached to this set.

Children can learn the links of lives from "Wood blocks of the Forest animals" and "Wood blocks of Marine life."

We hope that children can enjoy building blocks with their rich imagination.


3.Xylophone "Forest musical choir"

Last, we would like to introduce colorful xylophone "Forest musical choir."

Isn't it strange that all wooden bars are same length?

Of course, this xylophone can sound the scale.


In fact, the scale was made by the difference of woods and delicate work of craftsmen.


What's more, 2 small xylophone "Small forest musical choir" have unique scales.

1 has "Celtic tune" and the another has "Okinawan tune."



Babies can make melodic sound with these xylophone.

Even adults want it!


How do you like it?

Japan Design Store is not just a tableware shop, but has various items!

We also have a special page for new baby gifts.

Please check here!




New baby gifts are important gifts for the dearest babies of your precious friends of families.

Please pursue the quality of the items, too.