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Wooden rattles “Anomatopee” series of Oak Village

Wooden rattles for babies! Japanese high-quality wooden toy

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Warmth of Japanese wood for babies’ toy

Furi Furi Karan
Kachi Kachi Karan
Yura Yura Karan
Guru Guru Karan

These are “Anomatopee.”

Gentle wooden flavor and cute sound.
Smooth texture and warmth of the wood.
Safe material which babies can lick.
Beautiful forms designed from branches of trees and stones.

There are 4 wooden rattles of “Anomatopee” series.

Oak Village Toy Lab offers these Anomatopee series. Anomatopee series are wooden rattles.
“Anomatopee” comes from the combination of “Onomatope” + “A.” in Japanese culture, “A” is a special word. It is said that “A” is the origin of all things.

Newborn babies get grow through the experience of seeing, touching, and feeling. “Anomatopee” is a wooden toy for babies with Japanese material, sound and actions.

Wooden toy newborn babies can play

The first year of a baby is very important. Babies develop the base of living during that year. Toys help the growth and development of babies.
Under 30 days after the birth, babies have only 0.01 ~ 0.02 vision. Babies cannot see the things clearly. Six-month-old babies have 0.1 vision. They can see things and colors. Babies become to react against the action.

Toys support the “play” of babies. Babies can discover new actions, sound, and colors with toys. Toys broaden the world for babies. Babies learn various abilities such as finding, thinking, or judgement through playing.

A woman is playing Kachi Kachi Karan

Wooden rattles “Anomatopee” series gently affect the delicate five sense of babies. Suitable wooden toys for babies. Grab and grasp the forms. Hit and shake. Unconcerned actions for adults are all first experience for babies.
Anomatopee treasures every moment of babies. These wooden rattles are special wooden toys for babies to give a lot of experience and pleasure.

Safe Japanese solid natural wood and no-painting

Wooden rattles “Anomatopee” are made of Japanese solid natural wood. Wood is the second comfortable material for babies after the skin of human. Wood adopt itself to the temperature and humidity of a room. Then, the warmth of wood gets close to the warmth of the skin. In addition, the hardness and the weight of wood are fairer for babies than plastic or iron. Gentle flavor of wood gives natural relax.

Solid natural wood is the genuine wood, not a plywood or glued laminated wood. It does not include excessive adhesives. Moreover, these wooden rattles “Anomatopee” has no paintings. Babies can lick these wooden rattles at ease. Craftsmen smooth each part carefully to make the use of beauty of wood.

A woman is playing Guru Guru Karan

Polished design of wooden rattles for babies

Shake, hit, roll, swing, make sound…
Wooden rattles “Anomatopee” are simple, but have various ways to play.

Oak Village aims to produce wooden toys which children can play them without introductions.
As soon as children find toys, children cannot help trying it. Children can be always exciting with the next-coming experience. Oak Village treasures those designs to broaden free imagination of babies and children.

Also, Oak Village designs the appropriate function fitting to the stages of children’s development.

We can see the care of design at the packages of wooden rattles.
The boxes for wooden rattles “Anomatopee” are produced from the motif of the boxes of candies. Children, as well as adults get exciting when open the box. When you open the box, you can see a small message card. It says…

Hello, I’m Anomatopee.

Encounter with things also begins from greetings. What an admirable message! Just like we expect babies every moment, these wooden rattles seem to look forward to meeting with babies. Maybe, these wooden rattles will be the first natural wood a baby touch in the world.

Furi Furi Karan in a box and a message card

Oak Village does not create symmetry or straight-line wooden toys. The reason of this is there are no symmetry or straight-line things in the natural world. Their motifs are primitive design such as stones or branches of trees. In addition to the natural motifs, Oak Village designed these wooden rattles with sound and actions fitting with the development of babies.

The colors and forms of wooden rattles never make babies bored. Gentle material to human body. Comfortable sound.
We can see the wish of Oak Village in these wooden rattles: “We would like to make the forest into toys, and send it to the world.”

4 kinds of wooden rattles “Anomatopee”

  1. Furi Furi Karan

    There is an egg-shaped ball on the gently carved stick. Look at the ball carefully. The ball is not perfectly egg-shaped. There is a hollow at the top of the ball. It is more a grain of rice than an egg. When you shake it, it makes cute wooden sound. Stick and the ball is connected with rubber string. You can bend the joint, then the ball comes back to where it was. Surprisingly, the rubber string is invented by NASA! Weak power like that of a baby can bend. However, it can be used for decades. It is very durable rubber string.

    The joint of ball and stick of Furi Furi Karan

    Grab the wooden rattle, or move their hands and feet. Babies learn new actions and get grow. Furi Furi is a Japanese onomatope for expressing shaking actions. Karan is a Japanese onomatope for expressing the state of moving.

    Wooden rattle “Furi Furi Karan” can give a pleasure for moving to babies.

    A woman is playing Furi Furi Karan
  2. Kachi Kachi Karan

    This wooden rattle “Kachi Kachi Karan” has a rounded triangle form like a rice ball. Gently carved hole has best size for small hands of babies. Babies can grab it easily. The upper part is a castanet. When you push that part, it makes sounds. In the body, there are small wooden pieces. Therefore, babies can make sound by just shaking it, too. This wooden rattle use same strong rubber string as “Furi Furi Karan.” Babies can play it for a long time.

    The rubber strings of Kachi Kachi Karan

    When they are exciting or happy, babies express their feeling by clapping their hands. Kachi Kachi is a Japanese onomatope for expressing the sound when hard objects hit together lightly; like the sound of castanet.

    Wooden rattle “Kachi Kachi Karan” can help babies to express the feeling.

    Wooden rattle Kachi Kachi Karan of Oak Village
  3. Yura Yura Karan

    Cute drops are swinging.
    Babies can touch the drops to make sounds, and grab them to feel the smooth.
    There are three different size drops; from the left to right, middle, small and large. The middle and the large drops are wooden bells.

    This wooden rattle “Yura Yura Karan” can be babies’ mobile. Soft touch can make the swing of this wooden toy. The swing action attracts the curiosity of babies.

    Wooden mobile “Yura Yura Karan” can make sound by every action. Soft touch, shake the wooden bell, or just swing by a breeze.

    Please look at the stick. It is not a straight-line stick. Just like a branch of tree, it has carved gently.

    The upper part of a string has a wooden ball. We can adjust the length by it.

    Wooden rattle and mobile Yura Yura Karan of Oak Village

    Three drops are made of different kinds of wood. Therefore, babies can enjoy different natural colors.

    Babies start to develop their interests to the world by hearing and seeing. This wooden rattle “Yura Yura Karan” can bring out the curiosity of babies.
    Yura Yura is a Japanese onomatope for expressing the state of swinging.

    When babies do not play, wooden mobile can be doorbell or interior of your house.

  4. Guru Guru Karan

    Grab and roll to make sound.
    Wooden rattle “Guru Guru Karan” has big and small egg-shaped wooden bells. When you open the package, it looks like two eggs on the nest of a bird.

    Gentle carved handle is easy to hold for babies. Rounded form fits the small hands of babies. Babies can roll it on the floor or desk, shake it, or hit the bells to make sound. Handle and two wooden bells are made of different woods. So, babies can enjoy various colors and texture of woods.

    Babies find the wonders of the world and the relationship with themselves and the world by touching various things.
    Wooden rattle “Guru Guru Karan” can bring out the new discovery and interests of babies.

    Wooden rattle Guru Guru Karan of Oak Village

Won some awards! Faithful record

Wooden rattle “Guru Guru Karan” won Good Toy Awards 2017. “Skill of play” means the skill of feeling, seeing, listening, communication, and dreaming.
“Good Toy Awards” will be awarded to wonderful toys which can help developing “skill of play.”

In addition, all wooden rattles of “Anomatopee” series won Good Design Award in 2016. Japan Institute of Design Promotion defines “Good Design” as follows: “to engage in creative activity that is attractive, that perceives the true essence of things, is grounded in high ethics, and is for human beings.”
Wooden toys of Oak Village have the power of support babies’ growth and watch over the babies’ family.

Wooden rattle Guru Guru Karan and its exclusive box

“Turning a 100-year-old tree into Products that last 100 years”

This is the principle of Oak Village. The wooden rattles of Oak Village do not end when a child finish playing the wooden toys. When the child become a parent, new baby can play the wooden rattles. And it will be inherited to the next generation. High-quality wooden toy can be inherited for 100 years.

Wooden rattles “Anomatopee” series of Oak Village do not include any metal parts. Once the model number of metal parts finish the production, it is hard to get the parts. Therefore, it become hard to get the toy repaired.

Since they do not include any metal parts, the wooden toys of Oak Village can be repaired many times. They can produce the masterpieces which can be loved for a long time. The most important thing is the safety for babies. Since the wooden rattles have no metal parts, babies can lick the toy at ease.

A woman is playing wooden rattle Yura Yura Karan

Best celebration of a birth! “Anomatopee” series

Wooden rattles “Anomatopee” series is suitable items for the celebration of a birth. Simple and natural design fit for both boys and girls. Natural colors and grains of wood, fresh flavor of forest, and cute sound stimulate the five sense of babies. These wooden rattles have been popular for educational toys.

Babies can feel the beauty and comfort of genuine wood. Wooden rattles tell the beauty of the nature.
How about sending your wish for the growth of babies with wooden rattles “Anomatopee?”

Wooden rattle Kachi Kachi Karan in an excusive box

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