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Wooden kitchen canister / Rectangle M / Masuda Kiribako [Add-on Items]

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size w215×d100×h82mm
weight 180.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks To utilize the special properties of paulownia, craftsmen do not carry out treatments of bleaching. Depends on the humidity, contents, or environment of place, the canister may change color. Black lines, red or black spots along with wooden grain are not mold, but the unique change of paulownia wood. Please use the canister at ease. Each canister is handmade by craftsmen, so there are individual differences. Wooden kitchen canisters are not good for wetting or washing with detergents. When you clean the canisters, wipe it gently with dry cloth or a cloth with a little alcohol. If you wipe the canister with wet cloth, that may cause transform of product or stains. Please avoid stacking with other products than the wooden canisters or tissue case of Masuda Kiribako. Unstable stacking may cause damage or fall of the products. Do not put the canister at unstable place, places where have not enough room for the canister, or where the canister may fall. Unused canisters may have white powders on the surface by finishing. The powder is harmless to health. However, we recommend wipe the canister with dry cloth before use.
Short Description 【Wooden kitchen canister / Rectangle M [Add-on Items]】This is a “Rectangle M” Wooden kitchen canister from Masuda Kiribako. You can make a beautiful and organized kitchen with this wooden canister. Wooden canister series has uniformed standards in size, so you can make beautiful kitchen storage with some wooden canisters. Stackable and stable. You can store spices, coffee beans, grains or dry foods like a display. Paulownia canisters have insect-repelling and humidity-control effect. So, wooden canisters can be display cases for glasses, watches, or medicine chest. Great wedding gifts or presents for cooking lovers.

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