August 27th in 2015, a result of election was announced. The election was for a project. The project is


"The Wonder 500™"


Under the Cool Japan Policy of the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,) "The Wonder 500™" was aimed to discover and spread local products of Japan. There are a lot of great local products which are not known worldwide now.


Under the project of "The Wonder 500™", 30 representative producers and the public choose the 500 products from all over Japan.


For the selection of "Manufacture," products should be "with the thoughts and preferences of craftsmen" and "innovative with a fusion of Japanese traditional manufacturing and traditional values of hospitality."

The election focused on the Japanese traditional values such as unchanging and changing, the respect for ancestors or nature, skill of craftsmen, ideology, good design, wit, etc.


The masterpieces of Japan Design Store elected!



8 ateliers and 6 products our store introduces were selected as "Manufacture" section of "The Wonder 500™." We are proud that our recommended products gained reputations from judgments and the public.

Today, let us introduce the honorable products.


All products are best gifts. Please refer to this article when you choose special Japanese crafts.

Hirota Glass: Karai Taisho Roman Glass


Glass/Karai Taisho Roman Glass Tokusa/Hirota Glass


Glass/Karai Taisho Roman Glass Ichimatsu/Hirota Glass


See more details of Hirota Glass Karai Taisho Roman Glass here.

Edo Kiriko [Karai]. Its appearance is like a jewel.


Nousaku: KAGO Square L


KAGO Square L Silver/Nousaku

See more details of Nousaku KAGO Square L here.

Novel tin tableware KAGO

1616/arita japan: Pair Mugs Pink & Blue


Mug/S&B series Mug Blue/1616 arita japan

Mug/S&B series Mug Pink/1616 arita japan


See more details of 1616/arita japan Pair Mugs Pink & Blue from here.

Colorful pale color mug! Japanese Arita porcelain



studio GALA

SUZURI (slate cheese board) / Square Plate / Studio GALA

See more details of Studio GALA SUZURI from here.

Stylish slate cheese board SUZURI


Gato Mikio Store: Karmi


Tea Canister / MOTO / Plain/ Karmi Series /Gato Mikio Store

Tea Canister / SANE / Black/ Karmi Series /Gato Mikio Store

Tea Canister / TARU / Black/ Karmi Series /Gato Mikio Store

Tea Canister / KAMA / Plain/ Karmi Series /Gato Mikio Store

Tea Canister / TAWARA / Black/ Karmi Series /Gato Mikio Store


See more details of Gato Mikio Store Karmi here.

Special Japanese wooden tea canister Karmi


syouryu: Suzugami


Suzugami / 24cm/ Kazahana

See more details of syouryu Suzugami here.

Flexible tin tableware, suzugami

Chushin Kobo


Cast iron teapot / Marudutsu S / Chusin Kobo

See more details of Chushin Kobo here.

Special Feature! Japanese cast iron teapots and more from Yamagata casting




BENTOBAKO/ Lunch Box/ Wajima Kirimoto

See more details of WAJIMA KIRIMOTO here.

Feature: WAJIMAKIRIMOTO Stylish long-established top brand of luxury Wajima

Traditional crafts × Design = New Japanese manufacturing


The elected products make use of Japanese traditional culture or skill with modern design for contemporary life style.


Japanese "manufacturing" will create new culture and tradition from now on.


We continue to discover Japanese masterpieces by our selves, and introduce them to you.


We wish that we can let you know that Japan has multiple honorable products.


Japan Design Store