It gets cold and we can feel the fall now.

These days, we can even feel the coming of winter.


Speaking of fall, Japanese people imagine delicious food and festival.

In addition to Halloween, Japan has many festivals in fall.

For those auspicious day, Japanese people love to have sushi party at home.

Especially, hand roll sushi is easy to prepare and fun!


Even you are difficult to get Japanese food, you can enjoy hand roll sushi with the proxy food you can get.

For example, you can use lettuce instead of nori (seaweed wrap).

You can enjoy any kind of food in hand roll sushi.

But for delicious hand roll sushi, delicious rice is needed!


Today, we would like to introduce the items to make rice delicious, and lift our spirits of party.




Sushi party Item ①

Kamado-san / 3 rice-cup / Nagatani-en

Kamado-san of Nagatani-en is famous for its usability to make delicious rice easily.

Let's start a fun party with delicious rice!

The moment you open the lid of Kamado-san is a special exciting time.


Sushi party Item ②

Ohitsu / Wooden rice bucket / 3 rice-cup 

Keep delicious rice even it gets cool.

Japanese cypress Ohitsu (wooden rice bucket) of Azmaya can make rice delicious.

Japanese cypress has great waterproofing and moisture absorbency.

These special functions absorb adequate moisture of rice.


Ohitsu can extract the taste of rice. An Ohitsu gives classic atmosphere to the dinner table.


When you put sushi, the following items are recommended♪


Sushi party Item ③

Suzugami / 24cm/ Samidare

When you cook Chirashi Sushi, we recommend this item.

Suzugami of syouryu is made of 100% pure tin.

Elegant gloss of tin makes Chirashi Sushi stand out.

You can bend and make your favorite form with Suzugami.

It can be the center of attention.


Sushi party Item ④

[Set] 3 plates of Kasane-jima / Long 

If you would like to make Japanese table setting, we recommend this item.

Kasane-jima of Hakusan Toki is simple and utility Japanese tableware.

Smart and simple beauty fits various meals.

When you put sushi on it, the contrast of blue and white make the color of sushi stand out.


Did you find your favorite items?

Please enjoy happy home sushi party with special items!