Half of December has already passed, and 2017 will end soon.

As it gets colder, we expect snow fall.


In Okazaki city, it is rare to snow.

So, when it snows, Okazaki citizens become in chaos!

Nevertheless, I am happy when it snows.


Well, today, I would like to introduce snow motif tableware in our store.


Snow motif tableware collection in Japan Design Store

Snow man sake set "Shuki daruma"

Among snow motif items, this is the most popular and most recommended item!

This is Shuki daruma from ceramic japan.

It is a sake set with tokkuri (sake bottle) and 2 sake cups.

Pour sake into tokkuri, and put sake cups as lid.

Then you can warm it in hot water.

It seems like a snow man take a bath!

Shuki daruma is a cute sake set.



Unable to meat again!? Orb Snow flower

This is Orb series from Kimura glass.

Orb series is Usuhari glass, very thin glass.

Among Orb series, popular item is this "Snow flower."

On the rounded glass, cute flowers are cut by Kiriko cut work.


We got sad news, but this Orb series will be End of its production.

In our store, the stocks we have is the last items!

If you would like to get them, please get them now!


Also this? Suzugami Kazahana

It is our long-selling item Suzugami from syouryu.

Suzugami has 3 patterns. Among 3, this "Kazahana" is popular.


"Why is Kazahana in the snow motif series?"

As we see, it hardly looks snow.

In fact the name "Kazahana" is a kind of names of snow in Japanese.


Kazahana means snow dancing in the wind, or traveling snow from a snowy place to faraway place.

Imagine the snow from nowhere in a sunny day.

It is like fluttering down flower petals.


Suzugami Kazahana  express this beautiful scenery.

The name has a beautiful story.


These are the snow motif items in our store.

Can you find your favorite item?

Please stay warm with cute snow motif tableware.