In Japan, November 22nd is "Good Couple day."

It originated from a word play.

We can read 11 (November) as "ii (Good)" and 22 as "fu-fu (Married couple)."


How about sending a gift to your wife / husband on the day?

As a gift to couple, Japanese people like to send pair items.

Using same items together everyday makes the bond of a couple stronger.

So, today, we would like to introduce the suitable pair items for the "Good Couple Day."




Best gift items for a couple! Popular items

1.2 pairs of chopsticks

[Set] [Paulownia box] Shizuku / 2 pairs of Chopsticks and Chopstick rests / Hakuichi

Chopsticks are indispensable items for Japanese.

So, high-quality chopsticks would be great gits.

How about starting to use chopsticks with your partner?


See more 2 pairs of chopsticks from this page!

Japanese chopsticks as refined gifts


2.Pair rice bowls

[Set][Exclusive box] Pair flat rice bowls / Blue Flower / Hakusan Toki

Large and elegant rice bowls can be useful tableware as well.

This pair has same tone, but different patterns.

In addition, to this, we have more pair rice bowls!


3.Pair teacups

[Set] [Exclusive Box] Pair Mugs / Pink & Light blue / S&B series / 1616 arita japan

Everyday, we use teacups or mugs to drink tea or coffee.

At home or in office, teacups work everywhere, every time!

Useful pair items would be great gifts for couples.


4.Pair glasses

[[Set]ETERNAL GLASS / SAKE Glass / KAORI / Exclusive box / WIRED BEANS

For sake lovers, pair glasses are the bets gifts!

With a pair glasses, a couple can celebrate the "Good Couple Day" with drinking sake.




How do you like our pair items?

Since November 22nd is "Good Couple Day," many couple get married on the day.

These pair items would be great wedding gifts, too.

May you and your partner have a good November 22nd!